"Silence of the Bam's"

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Joe O'Rourke
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"Silence of the Bam's"

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:09 pm

the silence from the forces of darkness at time-up yesterday was something new,they can usually manage to pour out some sectarian/bigoted hatred no matter what the result,but yesterday they must have realised that even our reserve team is capable of beating them in their own midden,and with no dosh to spend in January things are looking bleak to say the least.
They managed to start the day in normal fashion,the usual songs,the sash,bouncy bouncy,the dam busters,and of course we cant forget "Tina",but by half time when they had had most of the chances, but were still level,the big heads went down big style,i was lucky enough to be seated beside the band of the "Blue Order",you would need counselling if you had to listen to that racket every week,but its great to watch their chins get closer to their chests with every minute played,imagine watching that rubbish every week,the Kenny and Kris show,what sort of mental state are peple in who name their brat Christopher but spell it with a "K",any way same old Boydy like a jig-saw puzzle,goes to pieces in the box,and what about Miller???an out and out numpty.
So when a real striker shows them how to score,they got worse,every time Miller got close to the ball he took a dive,Boyd lead with his elbow all day,but was never penalised for it,so that was it,the "Holy Goalie"keeps a clean sheet,and its goodnight from him,and its cheerio from me.
Time-up and its party time,the Celtic team comes to salute the fans,and what do the forces of darkness do,tail between the legs and off they go,not as much as a whimper from them,its back home to the dungeon,then under the bed with a packet of cookies on 24 hour sicide watch,the great support,dont make me laugh.
So that was it,another 3 points closer to 4 in a row,back down the road to the Irish Republican Free State of Port Glasgow to celebrate among friends and family,and a right good night was had by all.
The only downside from yesterday was being searched going into the park,this was done by Celtic stewards,i dont know on who's instructions,but i'll find out,i resent being treated as a criminal without due cause,and i certainly wont be taking it lying down(unlike the Rangers fans)

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