Rangers Chairman's Arrogance Part 2

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Joe O'Rourke
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Rangers Chairman's Arrogance Part 2

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:01 pm

David Murray's arrogance is matched only by his hypocrisy,he would have us believe that he changed Rangers signing policy to non-sectarian through some sort of moral makeover,his signing of Judas Johnston in 1989,was more to do with rubbing our noses in it,and once again showing he had the financial muscle to win 9 in a row,he was also being monitored be EUFA,and there was a real threat of being banned from European competition,no such threat was evident in Scotland,his friends in the Scottish League and the SFA would not allow that.
If Murray was serious about stopping sectarianism at Ibrox,he would not be employing people who actively and openly display their bigoted agenda on a daily basis,he has a man in the first team dug-out every week who refused to lay out training gear for the same Judas,and who also refused to participate in the minutes applause for Celtic's greatest player "Jimmy Johnstone".
There are far too many other examples of Murray's infantile attitude during his tenure to list here,but some that spring to mind are,the orange strip,the banning of egg Benedict, the banning of green straws and cakes,in fact the banning of anything coloured green,he actually refused to take part in a promotion for Peperroni,because it had a green wrapper,how grown up is that???.
Murray has had an easy ride in Scottish football,ably backed by the lap top loyal,he may have made some improvements,but not through choice,he is still the establishment team,he talks of being proud to be a Scottish club,but his pre-match entertainment is more last night at the proms than Runrig,and one of the things he has never put right,why no apology for the hundred years of bigtry and sectarianism,i remember Willie Waddell saying in 1970,that he had not seen a catholic good enough to pick up the empty cans from the terraces at Ibrox,obviously his telly was broke when the greatest ever World Cup Final was on,any chance of a game mister???,whits yer name son??"Pele" never heard o ye. "To be continued"

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Re: Rangers Chairman's Arrogance Part 2

Postby GODSAVEIRELAND » Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:44 pm


Regaring some of the above.I know that papers alluded to certain things but has there ever been any conclusive proof.The thing with the green confectionery of course is very juvenile if true but i have never saw anything to verify it.The Eggs Benedict thing though is far far more sinister if true as it cannot be argued away as having football rivalry connotations.Murray did say recently that the sectarian policy was wrong.Granted not an apology but in reality i doubt that an apology will be forthcoming.

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Re: Rangers Chairman's Arrogance Part 2

Postby braebhoy » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:07 pm

About the one hundred years of Bigotry
Not only have the hun never apologised
The scottish press have never came out and said it was wrong
And i wont hold my breath

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Re: Rangers Chairman's Arrogance Part 2

Postby max » Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:45 pm

I think you're right GSI, the green staws, jelly babies, sweets on Empire Biscuits, even the peparami stuff, is all good banter and healthy enough.
I as a Celt would usualy pick green over blue with trivial stuff keyrings, lighters....etc, and would probably give one of my m8s a bit of stick if he had a blue & white straw in his soft drink at CP.
There are far more sinister things going on at the hunnery, the Eggs Benedict being a blatant example, the full depth of their bitterness came home to me from none other than the 'Conductor' himself (Graham Roberts), when I read an extract in a newspaper from his book, where he says at an OFFICIAL ibrox function attended by exclusive ibrox dignitaries (forgive the oxymoron) his wife and himself were given a stern warning because his THREE YEAR OLD wee girl was wearing green shoes!!!

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Re: Rangers Chairman's Arrogance Part 2

Postby EDN1CSC » Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:05 pm

They had some sort of coporate event that came to £1690 cant remember what is for its was a few years ago.

It still goes on at ibrox, and the madia have ignored it since day one.

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