A win was all that mattered on Saturday. The Double is most definitely on.

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A win was all that mattered on Saturday. The Double is most definitely on.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 22, 2024 12:53 pm

As always in a cup tie, the only thing that matters, is that you win, whether that’s in the first round or the Final, so Saturday’s mission was accomplished, maybe not in the flamboyant way we would have liked, but in a successful way. Aberdeen was never going to make it easy, and us losing an early goal gave them something to hold on to. All that matters is, that on May 25th, on the 57th Anniversary of the greatest achievement in our Long Unbroken History, we will be at Hampden to win the Scottish Cup and complete another Double.

There were a couple of scary moments during the match, Aberdeen scored early in the first half, and really late in normal time and extra time, I didn’t think they really threatened us during the game, sure they had a couple of calls for a penalty, but unusually they both went our way, Don Robertson and the whoever was on VAR will be reprimanded for that. I thought the Celtic Supporters played a Big Park in getting us over the line, they sang throughout the match, completely the opposite of the Aberdeen Supporters, who only came to life after their goals. They sold 8,000 tickets, and while the kick-off time didn’t help them, a team of their supposed standing should be taking at least double that number to a major Final.

We now know that we play the Newco in the Final, which means, that until we have secured victory, it’s not an enjoyable experience, their fans bring nothing but “Hatred” to any match we play them in, so let’s score a few goals early, and then enjoy the occasion. I don’t think any Celtic supporter expected the cousins from Edinburgh to cause any upsets yesterday at Hampden, half the Hearts support would have struggled yesterday morning deciding what team shirt to wear to the game, I bet there were no confrontations between both sets of fans, they both would have wanted Newco to win, and knowing that Steven McLean was the match official, there was a very good chance of that happening.

So once again, let’s all get 100% behind the team in the last six matches, and hopefully we let Joe Hart retire with another Double. It won’t be an easy run-in, the teams we play will make it very difficult for us, we all know about McInnes at Kilmarnock, and I’m sure Naismith will have his team fighting for every ball, they obviously didn’t employ those tactics yesterday, with only seven fouls committed in the whole game. We must start with a win up in Dundee, they have done very well in their first season back in the Premier League, the truth is this, if we don’t win the Title from this position, maybe we don’t deserve to win it. Finally, once again I’m bamboozled by the fixture run-in, we have three home and two away, common sense would expect home/away/home/away/home, but no, we find ourselves away to Dundee in the first match, then two at home in a row, then away, and the final match at Celtic Park, so long as were still ahead then, we’ll win it.
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