We got there in the second half. Withhold the Green Pound at Hampden.

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We got there in the second half. Withhold the Green Pound at Hampden.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 15, 2024 1:09 pm

After a good victory against St Mirrin on Saturday, the result in Dingwall yesterday was a “Brucie Bonus,” we just need to keep our nerve and win our five remaining League games, three at home, and two away, then the Title is ours for third season in a row. The weather on Saturday was horrendous, and contributed to a lacklustre first half display, but the Celtic manager gets well paid, and he earned it with his half-time team talk, which led to a fantastic second half, we should have scored more, but we will take the 3-0 victory.

It was great for Reo Hatate to get more game time, and his goal was a fantastic strike, I thought AJ was back to his best as well, but for me the “Rock” in the team was Cameron Carter-Vickers, once again he was immense at the heart of our defence. As the first half showed, we need to move the ball as quickly as possible, Kyogo made some great runs, but we didn’t play the killer pass to him, you can see the frustration on his face, we also saw the joy on his face when he did score from a brilliant AJ cross into the box. We will certainly miss Daizen Maeda in the run-in, I hope his season is not over, but I fear the worst.

I think that was the first time this season that our goals were not checked by VAR, the officials seem to always look for a reason to disallow goals for us. Steven McLean was his usual self, incompetent, and anti-Celtic, the amount of time wasted by the Saints goalkeeper was shocking, even when 3-0 down he was still wasting time, it’s so frustrating for the supporters, the players must get angry as well, it’s time for officials to take action early in a game, I reckon we’ll be lucky if the ball is actually in play for more than fifty minutes, that’s scandalous, and needs addressed.

So, the “Double” is in our own hands, we have the semi-final versus Aberdeen on Saturday, then hopefully a final against one of the cousins from Govan or Gorgi. Make no mistake, everything the SFA could do to stop us being successful has been done, and will continue to be done, if we stick together, we will be fine, no matter about the Dark Arts of the SFA. The way we can respond is through the withholding of the “Green Pound” buy your match ticket, nothing else at Hampden, no Programme’s, no Pie’s or Bovril, no Cold Drinks, only contribute what is necessary. I’m sure as usual, one of the SFA Cheats will be given the task of stopping Celtic getting to the Final, let’s stick 100% together in the support of the Famous Glasgow Celtic.
Glasgow’s still Green & White.

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