No surprise we got "Cheated" again. The Title is still in our own hands.

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No surprise we got "Cheated" again. The Title is still in our own hands.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 08, 2024 12:33 pm

It didn’t come as any surprise to any Celtic Supporter that “Cheatin Beaton” would play a big part in the outcome of yesterday Glasgow Derby Match. We need to look at the whole picture, The SFA needs a Root & Branch overhaul from top to bottom, guys like Ian Maxwell need to be replaced by proper “Honest Men” not people who are open to bullying and intimidation, and why does the SFA have any influence over refereeing in the Premier League? Surely the SPL, should be in control of the match officials for their own matches. The whole Refereeing Department needs overhauled, the same people have been Cheating Celtic for years, imagine the number of trophies we would have won without their “Cheating.”

Beaton is an absolute embarrassment, he missed the hand ball by Goldson, he missed the foul on Iwata, in fact the only one he got right was booking Silva for diving, then he changes his decision after the intervention of Nick Walsh, who incidentally coaches Sevco’s Academy Players, if you watch the video of the penalty incident, the Sevco fans behind the goal are gesturing for Silva to get up, even they don’t think it’s a penalty. The rest of European Football must look at these matches and think, we are bad, but not that bad. I remember years ago, when David Murray was calling for a “Strong Northern European Referee” for one of their European games, Murray didn’t want any of those “Southern European Catholic” match officials.

We should have won the game yesterday, especially after being two up at half time. The second half was going in the same direction until the intervention by Walsh, the penalty obviously gave the Oldco a way back into the game, the second goal had two deflections,’ the third goal was well struck, no complaints. It was also interesting to see the Newco team and their supporters wildly celebrating a draw against Celtic at their own ground, with no Celtic Supporters present, they now realise their place in Scottish Football, which will always be behind Celtic.

I read online that objects were thrown once again at the Celtic Party, and apparently some were thrown at the Celtic Dugout. It’s long past time for some action to be taken against those thugs. The Newco Support has had several incidents which should have resulted in action against them, but thanks to people like Ian Maxwell, nothing has ever happened, will he comment on it? Hampden versus Hibs, George Square, Ibrox Stadium, their Ultra Group, the Union Bears attacking pubs in the Gallowgate, they attacked our own Club on London Road when there was about twenty pensioners and a guitarist in it, they should come over on Saturday afternoon and try it. I think a statement said the incidents at Snake Mountain will be investigated by Police Scotland, they better be careful in case some of them are the ones being investigated.

The Title is still in our own hands, win our remaining six games and the League is ours. We have four home games and two away games, so we are in a strong position to retain the Title. If we are to succeed, we need to be 100% committed to the cause, we need to be united on all fronts. Let’s do this Celtic.
Glasgow’s still Green & White.

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