A letter I wrote to Stewart Regan nine years ago, nothing has changed, the same cheats are still there.

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A letter I wrote to Stewart Regan nine years ago, nothing has changed, the same cheats are still there.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Mar 27, 2024 12:23 pm

Below is letter I wrote to Stewart Regan at the SFA almost nine years ago. as you can read from his reply, he wasn’t exactly happy with the letter. As you will also agree, nothing seems to have changed in those nine years, if anything it’s got worse. The other interesting fact is that, although Regan fell on his sword, most of the names of the cheating officials are still the same.

I can only assume that, by appointing Don Robertson to officiate at our game in Livingston on Sunday, Crawford Allan is going to use the time he has left in his position as Head of Referees, to give as much help as possible to Oldco FC, in their quest to try to stop Celtic winning three in a row.

Celtic must make it clear that they will scrutinise every match very closely, any more skullduggery with be challenged robustly, and if neccessary action will be taken against those responsible. It’s actually like giving the serial cheat Allan a free hit at Celtic, after all, what can you do to him? He should have been removed immediately for being “Totally Incompetent and Weak”. It's up to all of us to make sure they fail, let’s stick together and make sure of that.

Wed 2015-04-22 8:53 AM
Dear Joseph,
Given the scurrilous accusations contained within your letter - which is not befitting a general secretary of any organisation - it would be inappropriate to continue this correspondence any further.
Stewart M. Regan
Chief Executive
The Scottish F.A.
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G42 9AY,
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Mr Regan,
Firstly let me congratulate Inverness Caley Thistle and Falkirk Football Club on their achievement of reaching the Scottish FA Cup Final. Hopefully it will be a great day for both teams and their supporters; and the best team will win for the right reasons.
As for the match yesterday when Inverness managed to beat my team and get to the final; that’s another story altogether; and another example of blatant cheating involving referees and officials working on behalf of the SFA.
I make no apologies whatsoever for using the term “CHEATING” as i was sitting about seventy yards away in the North Stand and clearly saw the hand ball which at least three match officials much closer than me must have seen as well.
I have watched the incident back several times and seen the still pictures; i would like the match officials to come out and explain why Celtic were not awarded a penalty and a red card issued to the offending player Josh Meekings.
I would also be delighted to hear your opinion on the incident; i assume you were in one of the better seats of Hampden and would have had a good view of the incident.
I have said to you before there seems to be an anti-Celtic agenda going on at the SFA; too many situations have occurred for that not to be the case; I’ll mention a couple; you can explain them to me.
Derk Boerrigter, cited by the compliance officer and given a two game suspension for simulation. No problem with that; but are we to believe that Derk is the only player in Scottish Football who dived seeking to gain an advantage?
Aleksandar Tonev, cited by the compliance officer and given a seven match suspension for making a racist remark to Shay Logan. Not one single witness or technical evidence to support the charge; yet Aleksandar is convicted on the “Balance of probabilities”.
Leigh Griffiths, cited by the compliance officer and charged with singing a disrespectful song about Hearts; the outcome still to be decided.
John Guidetti, cited by the compliance officer and charged with singing a disrespectful song about Rangers; the outcome still to be decided
I would like to know if the players of Celtic Football Club are the only ones under scrutiny by the SFA. As there doesn’t appear to be the same scrutiny used with regards to players of other teams.
Getting back to match officials. Was “Operation Stop the Treble” confined to match officials? Or were board members like you and Campbell Ogilvie also involved? How we have managed to be top of the league and have already won the League Cup is a remarkable achievement in the circumstances.
Steven McLean and Alan Muir have a lot of explaining to do with regards to yesterday; and I’m not sure what part the North Stand assistant had to play in the incident. But of course they won’t be asked to explain why they cheated; they will be supported by you and your accomplices; just as they always are.
McLean has a history of treating Celtic with disdain; maybe it comes from being a supporter of Rangers; and his brother having played for Rangers. He has been ably abetted this season by Thomson, Madden, and Collum; to name a few.
I think the latest “Honest Mistake” might just be the final nail in the coffin with regards to the SFA and the supporters of Celtic FC. We will now organise our supporters groups with a view to exerting the financial clout we have in Scottish Football.
There will be no cash cow of the Celtic Support at Hampden for the Cup Final, you will need to be creative for once to try and get more than 20,000 to attend; it won’t be easy not having the Celtic supporters to suck dry.
Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Supporters Association.
Glasgow’s still Green & White.

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