Crawford Allan is going, can we get rid of Maxwell and the cheating officials as well?

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Crawford Allan is going, can we get rid of Maxwell and the cheating officials as well?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 25, 2024 11:44 am

I detest breaks for International football, we always seem to get players coming back injured, or jet lagged with flying half way around the world, this one might just work in our favour, it gives us a chance to get some players back from injury, and for the players who have been playing regularly to get some rest, well the players not away with their national team that is. Reo Hatate will be massive for us in the run-in, as will Callum and Cameron Carter-Vickers, we need a full-strength squad to choose from, and a good subs bench is very important too, so here’s hoping we don’t get any setbacks before Sunday.

One piece of really good news last week, was the news that “Serial Failure” and “Blatant Cheat” Crawford Allan is stepping down at the end of this season from his role as Head of Refereeing and Var, the bad news is, not doubt the SFA will appoint another “Puppet” to the role, Bobby Madden anyone? It would also be good news if SFA CEO Ian Maxwell packed his bag and comfy chair, and headed back into obscurity, from where he came from, the guy has been an Absolute Disaster, but we all know, he’s going nowhere before his 5 Star junket to Germany in the summer.

I note the re-arranged match between Oldco and Dundee at Dens Park has been rescheduled for April 10th, the SPL and Dundee FC both favoured April 3rd, but that didn’t suit Oldco, simply because we visit Snake Mountain on April 7th, so who will they blame for that decision? The broadcasters? Celtic have taken the fight to the SFA/SPL with regards to bias being shown to one team over all the other eleven teams in the SPL. Questions need to be asked about clear allegiances by match officials to one team, there is a long list of Oldco supporters acting as match officials, that won’t stop, but we need it declared so that other football fans outside of Scotland know that, if they don’t already know that is, and they need to know that we are watching them very closely.

So, it’s on to Livingston on Sunday, I know a lot of supporters are not happy with playing away at 12 noon on Easter Sunday, especially supporters with young children or grandchildren, that never happened years ago, but since the advent of television coverage, the broadcasters have all the power. In reality, outside of Celtic supporters, who is going to tune into our match on Sunday? Except of course, some of the peepel hoping for an upset, No Chance. It’s in our own hands, let’s stick together and make it happen.
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