Victory against the Livingston Globetrotters. No co-operation with the SFA.

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Victory against the Livingston Globetrotters. No co-operation with the SFA.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 11, 2024 12:23 pm

It was a cup tie, so the aim is to progress to the next round, which obviously is a semi-final at the dump called the National Stadium. I always expected that Livingston Globetrotters would make it a difficult match for us, they must have a factory somewhere that produces footballers who are over six foot four tall, it seems that almost every team we play now have a couple of players of the same height, and are not shy at being extremely physical, so instead of a referee, we could use an air traffic controller, since the ball seems to be up in the air a lot. Well done to Daizen Meada on his Scottish Cup hat trick, maybe his change of hair style is helping him.

I was delighted last week when Brendan Rodgers called out Don Robertson and John Beaton, he’s now been charged by the SFA for his comments, unlike the guy over at the new club who seems to comment on a weekly basis about match officials and opposing players, his and his club’s comments regarding Willie Collum were far worse than anything Brendan said about the Blatant Cheats Robertson and Beaton. I spoke to Michael Nicholson yesterday, and he assured me that Celtic will use everything in their power to defend Brendan and the Club, hopefully we can find another Paul McBride, but Michael is a Lawyer, so he knows what he’s doing.

I asked Michael yesterday if Celtic had received the audio recordings from Tynecastle, at this stage they have not received them, even though I think Sevco got them before they actually asked for them in their quest to have Willie Collum banned from officiating at their matches. If we asked the SFA to ban all the officials who are supporters of their beloved club that they let die, we would have a very limited choice to pick from, another Blatant Cheat, Brother McLean was at it again at Easter Road yesterday, the three most used words in Scottish football “Penalty to Rangers” were uttered again, and two red cards to Hibs players, just to make sure they didn’t get back into the game, job done, Brother Beaton will buy you a drink in his favourite bar in Bellshill, the Crown Bar.

I think it’s time we showed our disdain at the SFA, Crawford Allan, and their officials, we should have a War of Attrition against them all, and it should be very public. First off, do not co-operate with any action that we are not contractually obligated to do. Do not show any respect to match officials, not shaking hands, either before or after games. No invitations to Celtic Park for any of them, no matter the occasion. And on the supporter’s side, we have a part to play as well, we have a semi-final, and hopefully a final coming up at Hampden. Buy your match ticket, absolutely nothing else, leave them with boxes of programmes, and kiosk’s full of food and drink, don’t give them a penny, treat them with the “Contempt” they deserve.
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