Blatant Cheating cannot be condoned. We are still in control of the League.

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Blatant Cheating cannot be condoned. We are still in control of the League.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 04, 2024 1:15 pm

What can we say about yesterday at Tynecastle? I’d love to talk about football, and about how the game was lost through bad play, or because of lucky goals, but the defining moments in the game were influenced by a “BLATANT CHEAT” who was in the VAR room, non-other than the well-known Sevco supporter, John Beaton, how this “Shyster” is allowed anywhere near matches involving Celtic, or his Newco, is down to the total incompetence of Head of Referees, Crawford Allan, and his Boss, Ian Maxwell. Operation stop Celtic is at full throttle now.

I believe we could and should have avoided the situation if Adam Idah had scored with his penalty, (which I would say was on the soft side) if he scores, then Yang doesn’t get red carded, because the stage of play would have changed completely, but after the miss the “Forces of Darkness” took over, in the form of John Beaton, and a less than competent, or confident referee in Don Robertson, they realised then that Celtic could go top of the League again with a victory, so they played their major part in stopping that.

What pleased me about yesterday, and it was nothing to do with football or performance, it was that our Manager, live on television called it out, he blamed Robertson and Beaton for our defeat, and he was 100% correct to do so, I’m sure within the dungeon’s at Hampden thick heads will be getting banged together to see what their reaction will be, how can they get back at Brendan for daring to question their impartiality? How will they be able to sanction Brendan and Celtic, when they didn’t sanction Newco for their tirade against Willie Collum? They will try to find a way.

Let’s be clear here, Yang should never been red carded, I’m not sure he actually made contact with Cochrane, in fact if anyone should have been red carded it was him, little more than a talentless thug, it’s a pity Ship Jumper Naismith didn’t manage to get his team to fight as much at Snake Mountain last week. The penalty awarded was a joke as well, Iwata has his back to the ball and has no control over where it is going. There were two similar incidents at Motherwell last week, a clear boot in the face for Liam Scales, and a clear hand ball when the Motherwell player is facing the ball, decision from Willie Collum, no offence. In fact, I think about the only time a referee has went to the monitor and not changed his mind was in that game when Idah was held back on the eighteen-yard line.

I fully expect as I write this that Michael Nicholson has already contacted Crawford Allan over the two match changing incidents. Should we demand that Beaton is not allowed to participate in any matches involving Celtic and Newco? Should we also demand the audio tapes from Tynecastle? I know Michael challenges decisions, but it’s done in private, well maybe it’s time went public with all guns blazing, I’m sure Brendan had already spoken to Michael before his after-match interview.

This League is far from over, we need to win all our games, but we can do that, Callum is a massive loss, but we need to find a solution for that. We have CCV back, and hopefully Reo will be back soon, so let’s all get right behind the team 100% for the remainder of the season.
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