Hot Balls, Cold Balls, still works. it was great having Buckie Thistle and their wonderful Supporters.

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Hot Balls, Cold Balls, still works. it was great having Buckie Thistle and their wonderful Supporters.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jan 22, 2024 12:02 pm

In a cup tie, the sole objective is to progress to the next round, we did that, and as I suspected, we have managed to get the only all premier league teams tie, and once again, an away tie, it shows that the hot ball/cold ball system still works, having said that, with all the practice they’ve had down the years, you would expect them to have perfected the process by now, so no surprise, it’s a bit like the term “Penalty to Rangers”

It was a great turnout yesterday at Celtic Park, especially with the horrendous weather, so well done to every supporter that attended. Congratulations also to the great crowd of Buckie Thistle Supporters who made the long journey south, and who added to the atmosphere, and gave their team great support and encouragement, they can be immensely proud of themselves. Incidentally, the last team to bring that number of supporters to Celtic Park, and to back their team in a similar manner, was Greenock Morton.

It was a good run out for Celtic, Brendan chose to play a very strong team, with only Callum and CCV missing from the players available for selection. I suppose once again VAR played its part, and not in a positive way, the time it took to make decisions was ridiculous, at least a couple of the offside calls were borderline to say the least, certainly Greg Taylor looked onside. I thought the two assistant referees would have to get treatment for cramp in their Flag Arm.

I noted comments made in the media about a return to away supporters at the Glasgow Derby, I think that prompting came from the newest club in Glasgow, if they are talking about a return to 750 tickets’, they can forget it, it won’t happen. Our preference would be a return to the status quo, I genuinely cannot see that happening from their side, so I suppose the least we could consider would be around 3,000, I really don’t see that happening this season. One thing I certainly don’t miss, is the bile we have to listen to from their fans, the chanting at Dumbarton on Saturday at the eighteen year old son of a former Celtic Player and manager was obnoxious and despicable, through the years, Celtic Legends like Billy Mc Neill, Tommy Burns, and the Lisbon Lions have had the same bile directed at them. Let’s see if any of the media outlets mention it today, I won’t hold my breath, and that goes for the SFA/SPL.

Glasgow’s still Green & White.

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