Will Maxwell and Allan continue to be Bullied?

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Will Maxwell and Allan continue to be Bullied?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jan 08, 2024 12:34 pm

The sense of entitlement coming from the Newco Club is absolutely astonishing, you always think it cannot get any more ludicrous, and then it definitely does, the whole furore over the penalty that wasn’t a penalty is embarrassing, not only to Sevco, but to the people who run Scottish Professional football, but then again, they’ve allowed themselves to be “BULLIED” by the team from Govan since their inception in 2012, and before that the Oldco Club did the same all through their Tainted History.

SFA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell, and Head of Refereeing Crawford Allan, have boxed themselves into a corner that it will be hard to get out of, that’s if they really want out, and I’m not so sure they do want out, considering what they have turned a blind eye to since they took up their role’s. they have now allowed one team in the SPL to propose to dictate which referees can officiate at their games. They have put Willie Collum under the severest of pressure, and also put him in position where his health and wellbeing are under serious threat.

There has been a few instances when the SFA refused to act in the best interest of Scottish Football, and it all started when the allowed Newco back into Scottish Professional Football in 2012, and that only happened because at the meeting to decide the fate of Oldco/Newco, Chuckles Green and Sally McCoist declared that Scottish football needed them more than they needed Scottish football, only for that comment they may have actually stayed in the SPL.

There have been a few examples of dubious decisions being made, and all favouring Sevco. I suppose some of the major ones shocked some people, but not the Celtic Support. The 5 Way Agreement with the Oldco, the Newco, the SPL, the SFL, and the SFA. The EBT scandal when they were allowed to cheat the rest of Scottish Football. The violence after the defeat to Hibs in the Cup Final. The debacle of George Square. The whole Cinch Deal surrender. And the scandal of Home Cup Draws, and non-awarding of penalties.

Maxwell and Allan are both up to their necks in it, and the rest of Scottish Football is standing back letting them carry on. I understand some of the clubs involved need the money to survive, but is “Blatant Cheating” a worthwhile price to pay for that? Maxwell and Allan have a decision to make now, do they crumble and throw Willie Collum to the wolves, or should that be bears? And keep him away from matches involving Sevco, do they give him nice easy games at Ibrox, where they are confident of a win for the home team, or if need be, a penalty will suffice. Or do what they should do, show some guts, come out publicly and state, Will Collum will officiate at major games involving Sevco.

I think Chris Sutton and others hit it on the head, the whole penalty debacle is to deflect away from Celtic battering Sevco, if they hadn’t lost Balogun it would have been 5-0. I believe Maxwell and Allan are in danger of losing their cushy jobs, if they don’t come out and publicly defend Willie Collum, then they must go. It’s funny how Sevco never slate the Sevco supporting match officials, like Beaton, Dallas, McLean, Muir, Munro et al.
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