Great victory in Dundee. Time for action on match officials !!

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Great victory in Dundee. Time for action on match officials !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Dec 27, 2023 12:17 pm

Well hopefully that’s us got back to winning ways with the results against Livingston on Saturday, and Dundee yesterday. There is no denying we were well below the expected standards for a Celtic team in the two previous matches against Kilmarnock and Hearts, and our next match in the Glasgow Derby is especially important indeed, that match, and away to St Mirren on January 2nd will be difficult, but certainly both are winnable.

Yesterday at Dundee was a comfortable victory, but we could have, and should have, had the match won in the first half, we had a lot of the ball in the wide areas, but we never created the clear cut chances we should have, both Daizen and Luis saw a lot of the ball, but their final ball into the box was not of a high enough standard, something both need to work on, although Daizen is just back from injury, both players will have big parts to play on Saturday.

We enjoyed great possession at Dundee, we had thirty eight shots at goal, but only seven on target, and my pet hate, we had twenty three corners, that’s a corner every four minutes or so, but we don’t seem to benefit from them, Liam Scales came close, and Cameron got wrestled off the ball, but no penalty, and no VAR check. The most baffling statistic is the foul count, we had nine fouls awarded against us, to three for Dundee, how can the team with three quarters of the match possession, be the team committing most of the fouls?

Don Robertson had the type of match that we’ve come to expect from him, officials like him are part of a major problem in the Scottish Premier League, I cannot think of one match official who I think is fair and impartial, I cannot think of one match official who hasn’t favoured Sevco, for them to go seventy three League games without conceding a penalty is unbelievable (think I missed a letter out there). Now, I speak to Michael Nicholson regularly about officials, and he assures me that they continually question the authorities in that respect, but it’s time we went public on the situation with match officials.

Every match we play in Scotland, I go to extremely confident of winning, the only reservation I always have is the match officials, they can, and do have a negative affect of Celtic. We need the match official’s mic’d up during games, let them explain their “Cheating” to the people who pay their wages, the supporters. I believe Celtic should lead the way on this, firstly by demanding a special meeting of the SPL, and with the attendance of the leader of the Cheats, Crawford Allan. We have only heard from this Clown once, that was when he commented while on holiday about a goal scored by Kyogo, that was nearly offside. Mr Allan needs to be held to account, and every team in the SPL, except for one, should be demanding an explanation about the “Blatant Cheating”, the time to complain is when you’re winning.
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