time for fairness, we're not Cash Cows!!

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time for fairness, we're not Cash Cows!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:01 pm

After yesterday’s hard fought victory in Perth, I would like to send out a wee message to Ian Maxwell and the SFA with regards to the semi-final and final of the Scottish Cup, and I would include the four clubs in the same message.

They got the luck of the draw with the Edinburgh Derby semi-final, they now should sell out both semi-finals. Celtic will sell out no matter who we were drawn against, but we are the only team from the four who can state that.

As per usual Aberdeen will demand 50% of the tickets, and as per usual they won’t sell them. In the final, Hearts or Hibs will demand the same if Celtic reach the final, and as per usual they won’t sell them all.

We were at Pittodrie only a couple of weeks ago, and the home support never filled any of the sections they were occupying. I also watched highlights of the Hearts and Hibs cup matches, and again the home support didn’t fill any of their sections. All three teams will be able to offer their season ticket holders at least one ticket, but most probably two or more, while only about 30% of Celtic’s season ticket holders will receive a ticket.

We also should be looking at the pricing for both the semi and final. I can probably guess we’re looking at £30/35 per ticket, the supporters are being asked to subsidise the SFA. The semi-final versus Aberdeen will be our 15 cup game in a row at Hampden, we must have contributed in excess of £10 million pounds in the last four years, no other team can get anywhere close to that number.

As far as I know the four clubs discuss the pricing with the SFA. With Celtic in the semi they know the games involving us will sell out. Let’s consider this fact, Celtic have not played any Scottish Cup ties this season at Celtic Park, we sold out three stands at Perth yesterday, I’m happy with that, because I’m sick of going to Aberdeen, Tynecastle, and Easter Road, and watching our supporters scratching around for tickets when the home stands are half empty.

The time is coming when the Celtic Support will fight back against this financial suicide, these clubs are using us as “Cash Cows”, while treating us with contempt. I think they all need to recognise something, without Glasgow Celtic and their Supporters there would be no professional football as we know it in Scotland.

Finally, one of our Association mamber's Martin Ryan is running the Barcelona Marathon for Charity. Martin's chosen Charity is the Wayside Club in Glasgow. The Wayside Club tries to help with the homeless, they also try to help people who have problems with drugs or alcohol. if anyone would like to sponsor Martin, please feel free to get in touch.

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