For the Triumph of Evil, Good Men Stand Back.

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For the Triumph of Evil, Good Men Stand Back.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:56 am

Where do we go with the latest Sectarian attack on Neil Lennon? When are the football authorities going to take strong action against the supporters who continue to shame not only their own club, but all of Scottish Football?

There is a trend here just in case somebody didn’t notice. Neil Lennon has suffered more abuse and threats than any other football manager in “WORLD FOOTBALL” and that brings “SHAME” to this wee country of many cultures one nation, Aye Right !!!!

I’m sure Neil gets abuse at every stadium he visits as Hibernian Manager, all except one. His agent made it very clear why he gets the abuse, and we all know why, it’s because he’s an Irish Catholic who managed to play and manage Glasgow Celtic. Some people ask why Brendan and Martin O’Neill don’t get the same abuse, it’s quite simple, they didn’t play for Celtic, and with the passion Lenny did.

And although I believe Lenny will get abuse at every ground apart from Celtic Park, the level of abuse increases greatly at two grounds, the Bigot Dome in Govan, and the smaller Bigot Dome in Edinburgh. Tynecastle especially in recent years has become very Toxic towards anything or anyone connected to Celtic Football Club, and it appears to anyone appearing to be a Roman Catholic.

The attacks on Celtic Supporters and their buses in the capital before and after the League Cup Semi-Final were atrocious, but they showed up one thing, the Hearts Supporters on film were all agreed in the attacks. In the video when the muppet launches a bottle that hits a 70 year old woman, a female Hearts supporter shouts, “your hitting your own” she wasn’t concerned if the clown was hitting Celtic Supporters, while in the background you can hear an East Belfast accent shouting “Fenian Bxxxxxxs”, a West of Scotland problem!!!, I don’t think so.

We then getting some absolute idiots looking to get their name in the media by trying to claim Lenny brings it on himself. Ex-copper Les Gray has shown his colours over many years, he claimed Lenny could have caused a riot by his actions, he needs to get out more. What was Gary Caldwell thinking of by saying the same thing? I suspect by the start he’s had as Partick Thistle Manager he’s trying ingratiate himself with their fans by taking the spotlight of his own shortcomings as a manager by targeting Lenny.

So although I’m not one for advocating knee jerk reactions, the silence from the SFA/SPFL has been deafening. Everyone and their cousin has commented. But nothing from the football authorities. I seem to remember when Dallas Snr got hit with a coin at Celtic Park in 1999, a fine of £45,000 was imposed on Celtic pretty quickly, I seem to remember a Linesman being hit by a coin thrown by a Sevconian at Livingston on September 30th, that’s almost five weeks ago. It’s also been reported that the two linesmen at Tynecastle were also hit with objects, as were three other Hibs players.

Having said that, I agree with Lenny, how can you blame Hearts if they do all they can to discourage such behaviour? Or any other club who get embarrassed by their own fans. You cannot say the same for Sevco, they actually do actively encourage that type of behaviour, how else can you explain banning Eggs Benedict, Green Boots, and Lime Lemonade, not forgetting the “We are the People” banners all over the ground, they certainly had a class bypass many years ago.

Consider this for a moment, the effect such behaviour actually has on our club, and I’m not claiming our support is perfect. Say we tried to sign James McClean in January, and that would be after the Poppy Fascists have had their month. If anybody in world football could attract more threats and abuse that Lenny, it would be James McClean in a Celtic jersey.

Remember the saying. “The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil, is that Good Men Do Nothing”

Finally on a more sombre note. The Celtic Supporters Association Annual Memorial Mass for deceased members and friends, and for all Celtic Supporters will be held tomorrow in St Michael’s RC Church Parkhead at 12.30pm. We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to attend. There will be tea and snacks in the Church Hall afterwards.

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