Kieran will go when he's ready, not when Waddell or McGowan say so !!

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Kieran will go when he's ready, not when Waddell or McGowan say so !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:51 am

I would love to know what Jabba the Hutt has on all the so-called Sports Writers in Scotland. I know quite a few will have a natural dislike for the successful Celtic team because their own favourite team from Govan died in 2012, and the tribute act that followed are rubbish. But do they not have a duty to report accurately what’s happening? Not what they would like to happen.

While the Waddell’s and McGowan’s keep telling us who will be leaving the Double Treble winners, they also spout about all the incoming players at Sevco, most of whom I’ve never heard of before. The latest is the apparent £25 million bid from the mighty Everton for self-confessed Celtic Supporter Kieran Tierney. How many times does Kieran have to say he is happy at Celtic? Or is the underlying inference that Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond would force Kieran out of Celtic if a big enough bid came in?

Kieran has a very good contract at Celtic, especially since he has just turned 21. He also has a very lucrative sponsor deal with Adidas, which I’m sure is as good as any in Scotland. Kieran also has a very stable family behind him, which must be great when he was trying to make his way in football. Just exactly what can Everton, or indeed any team in England offer Kieran apart from money? Can money replace the emotional tie of playing for the team you have supported all your young life? Of course it can, but everything is relative, Leigh Griffiths proves that, Griff is a Hibee, and doesn’t try to hide the fact, and why should he? But he knows he can’t get the success, or financial reward at Hibs that he can get at Celtic. One of Roy Keane’s great quotes was, “What’s the difference if you have 17 million in the bank or 27 million? Kieran Tierney has what money can’t buy, he is playing for the Greatest Team in the World.

I have spoken to Peter Lawwell many times during the transfer window. Peter’s consistent default position has always been that, Celtic will come out of a window stronger than we went into it, I don’t think that is possible if we sold Kieran against his will, I would say the same about Moussa.

If a player wants to leave, like for instance Stuart Armstrong, then all you can do is get the best deal you can for the player, then invest the money back into the team again, that is the model Celtic have been using, and up until now it has been very successful. But that model only works when the player in question wants to go, I genuinely believe that Kieran doesn’t want to go, certainly not before the chance to win “Ten in a Row”.

A player who had it all worked out was Joe Ledley, Joe was one of my favourite players, he was a 7/8 out of 10 every week, he was Mr Consistency, and did very well for us, but Joe had his career set out. Joe never signed a second contract anywhere he played. He came to us on a Bosman from Cardiff, we got a good deal and so did Joe. He never signed a second contract but chose to move to Crystal Palace, again on a Bosman. He spent 3 seasons there and then moved to Derby County, and yes, once again on a Bosman.

I believe Kieran will eventually leave his bhoyhood hero’s, but I believe he will take the Kenny Dalglish route not the Joe Ledley route. King Kenny was 26 when he left Celtic, he had carried the team on his back for a couple of seasons, and was ambitious to do better in Europe. Kenny didn’t owe us a thing, he had been outstanding since coming into the team, and he was captain as we won the double in his final season before joining Liverpool. Note as well, when Kenny left he left for football reasons, so he went to a team that would be successful both domestically and in Europe, I firmly believe Kieran will do the same, so I think that leaves Everton out of the equation.

Finally, one thing I would like the club to do. If a sports writer(and I use the term loosely)writes a story about Celtic Football Club, or about one of our employees without any evidence to support that story, then they should, after reasonable warnings, be banned from Celtic Park, and having any contact with any of our employees whatsoever.

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