Come on over to our place, we're having a Party.

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Come on over to our place, we're having a Party.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:46 am

I guess the best way for Celtic Football Club to be successful in Scottish Football is, whatever Sevco do, then do the opposite. So why don’t we consider doing the opposite of them when it comes to ticket allocation for next season? I know they made a unilateral decision to cut our allocation, but are we above that? Of course we are !!!!!

This ticket allocation decision was taken by Dodgy Dave King to try to endear himself to the hard core followers of Sevco, it was not based on any proper thought or reasonable plan, King isn’t capable of making a sound business decision. King reminds me of former USA President Richard Nixon. King is a Liar, like Nixon he can lie out of both sides of his face at the same time, in fact if he ever finds himself telling the truth he nips himself to snap him out of it, and you don’t have to believe me that’s the case, believe a South African High Court Judge who called him a “Glib and Shameless Liar”

He has been pandering to their followers since he took over, all the stuff with Pedro Caixinha banning green football boots, and we are the people banners all over the place. It’s an absolute circus, and all being done by email from South Africa. His call for an investigation into Murdoch MacLennan is comical at best, it’s downright nasty and vindictive at worst. I think it was Joe McHugh that commented, if there is a business conflict, then it’s with his Deputy Chairman Douglas Park, who is an investor in Celtic Football Club, providing our team buses, at I would imagine a fair amount of money. Did Celtic stop using Park’s of Hamilton when the owner got involved in Govan? Not at all, our Club is classier and better than that.

We are better than Sevco in every department of the Football Club. We have a far superior Chief Executive, in fact we have the best CEO in Europe. We have a fantastic Manager who has achieved in two seasons what no other manager in Scottish Football History has achieved. We have the best playing squad by a country mile. We have a very competent and successful all round Football Club, with a long proud unbroken history.

Our supporters follow our club everywhere we play with a genuine love for our club and what it stands for, not just in football terms, but in terms of standing up for social justice, and opposing social injustice. We don’t have an inbred hatred of every other club in Scotland, and we certainly don’t bring a sectarian hatred to football matches all over the country.

So bearing that in mind, when it comes to our first game against Sevco, should we give them the normal allocation of tickets which has been in place for many years, in fact since Moonbeams Murray barred us from the Bigot Dome in January 1994? That would show the rest that we don’t sink to the depth of their hatred, that we as a Club and Support are far superior in social conscience, we don’t lower our standards to any other club, because our standards have been earned over many many years, and we defend them proudly.

If that was the case and we decided to honour the unwritten agreement of ticket allocation, even though we would still give them about 7,000 tickets, I would definitely refuse to take any tickets from Sevco, unless it was the normal allocation. I don’t think there is any possibility of the Police or Sevco guaranteeing 100% the safety of our Supporters, especially an amount as little as 800.

Sevco would claim because of the small amount of our Supporters the need for Police on duty would be greatly reduced (obviously meaning a saving on security) That in affect means our Supporters would be protected from attack by their in-house Stewards, who I believe are all unpaid volunteers, and therefore the very people you would need protection from, really clever move that.

I suppose it is still to be confirmed in regards to their decision about ticket allocation. I’m not so sure Police Scotland would be happy with the situation. I also believe the television companies won’t be too pleased either, or the sponsors and all the other stakeholders, including the SPFL.

What would happen then is this. Sevco would get their normal allocation, with that they get the privilege of watching us batter them again, and they have to pay for it. Obviously there would need to be a cut-off period for buying the tickets, so if they don’t want them we sell them to our own fans.

In the return fixture, I would refuse to take tickets for Govan and beam the match back to Celtic Park at a minimal cost for entry. I would be very interested in our Supporters thoughts on going down this route, so any comments would be welcome.

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