Kieran Tierney No 2 Target after Broony.

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Kieran Tierney No 2 Target after Broony.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:19 pm

Is Kieran Tierney the most fouled full back in European Football? I well remember the days when the full back kicked the right or left winger up and down the park. But full back’s have developed more into an extra winger now and aren’t as physical as in the days of Jim Kennedy and Jim Brogan, most full back’s in the early sixties were hardy guys.

But when Big Jock became Manager of Celtic he used the attacking abilities of the full back to good use by them supporting the midfield and forward players, there would be no Lisbon Lions without Big Tam Gemmell, ably supported by Jim Craig. They were followed by a World Class Full Back in Danny McGrain, and a lot of comparison has been made of Kieran to Danny, what an accolade that is for a 20 year old player.

Kieran has certainly followed in Danny’s footsteps, and he is paying the price for that with some shocking assaults on him by opposing players. I remember the assault on him in the Cup Final last year by Aberdeen’s Jayden Stocley that went unpunished, I suppose with Bobby Midden being the referee it was no surprise it went unpunished, I expect some of the same this coming Sunday.

Then you get Clown’s like Martin canning and Billy Dodds trying to apportion blame on Kieran. Canning is so useless that he puts a team out to get beat, but keep the score down. His goalkeeper was still wasting time in the final minutes, even though they were getting beat at the time. With their dodgy pitch and even dodgier manager it’s not an enjoyable experience visiting Hamilton Accies.

Kieran Tierney is the best full back in Britain, and amongst the top five in Europe. The fact he has declared his Love for Celtic makes him a target in this Bigoted wee Country we live in, and especially with all the Cheating Officials that operate within Scottish Football. I watched Kieran regularly at Cappielow Park when he played for the Development Team. He has certainly grown and bulked himself up since then, so he’s not so easily bullied now.

Yesterday was never going to be a classic match, for the reasons I’ve already stated, but also because Hamilton are trying to maintain the place in the Premier league, I don’t really blame them for wanting to stay in the top league, but I hate the pitch there, and good players don’t like playing on artificial surfaces.

We got what we set out to get at the end of the day, three points was required and obviously that puts us in position to win the League in the first game after the split. The COWARDS at the SPFL will probably not allow that to happen, and why you may ask yourself? Well it’s got nothing to do with the actual football, it’s got to do with a mob of so-called supremacists, who don’t accept anything except what they believe in their mind, which is still clocked into the late 1600’s. It’s about time the Cowardly Authorities stood up to these people. But their idea of standing up for Honesty & Integrity is to appoint a referee for the Semi-Final who once was a season ticket holder at a club that DIED six years ago.

We Shall Prevail.

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