Why did Lenny drag Celtic into his situation with official's?

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Why did Lenny drag Celtic into his situation with official's?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:43 am

One of my favourite Celtic players ever is Neil Lennon. Lenny came to Celtic as an Irish Catholic football player. He played his international football for the team from the north of the island of Ireland. So he probably knew he wasn’t going to get the warmest of welcomes, both in Scotland and Ireland.

I loved the way Lenny played for us, he got abuse at every ground he played at away from Celtic Park. It didn’t change him one bit, in fact he probably thrived on the abuse. Neil was a Celtic supporter, so getting to play for the team you support must be fantastic, especially when that team is the World Famous Glasgow Celtic.

He not only got abuse on the football field, he got it in his private life, and that of his family as well. It was taken to a whole new level when he got bombs and bullets sent through the post. He was assaulted on the streets of Glasgow on more than one occasion. Did it change him? Not one bit.

Lenny knew exactly why he was getting abuse and threats of violence, it was because of his religion, coupled with the team he played for. If Neil had signed for Aberdeen or Dundee United at the time, nobody would have given it a second thought, he would have just been another football player.

So bearing all that in mind, and bearing in mind Lenny knows the way Scottish Football operates, I was baffled by his comments dragging Celtic into the relationship he has with referees and officials.

Lenny actually inferred that Celtic get preferential treatment because someone from the SFA phoned Celtic after a game against Ross County when a penalty was awarded against us, and we dropped two points as a result of that diabolical decision.

Does Neil not see the irony in that? The mere fact the penalty was awarded in the first place proves, that far from getting preferential treatment, Celtic are the team who suffers the most. Throughout his career as a player at Celtic Neil Lennon was a target for the match officials. The exact same can be said about his career as Celtic Manager.

So why didn’t Lenny put the record straight? He could tell a multitude of stories about the relationship between Walter Smith and Sally McCoist and the officials, both on the field of play and away from it. So I don’t understand why he used one incident involving Celtic.

Anyway, enough of that, I am totally disappointed that our game tonight is off at Celtic Park. I definitely wanted to keep up the momentum and our nine point lead at the top of the table. It was also a chance to get Pat Roberts and Martin Compper some game time.

We are sitting in a great position just now, having won the League Cup, well ahead in the League, and still in the Scottish Cup. The historical “Double Treble” is on, although I don’t like looking too far ahead.

Brendan Rodgers has taken our club not just to another level, he taken us right through the ceiling. The changes he has made is remarkable, down to every little detail, he is meticulous in everything he does.

The media can talk about Brendan going to Arsenal, or any other supposed big club, but the one thing that matters is this, the decision will be taken by Brendan, not by Jim White, or any other no mark journalist. I would say at this time, Brendan is very happy in his own skin, he’s very happy where he is working, and so is his family. He will be here for Ten in a Row.

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