Peat gives us another reason to dump the SFA !!

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Joe O'Rourke
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Peat gives us another reason to dump the SFA !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:50 am

There are plenty of good reasons for getting rid of the SFA, or at least changing the whole format, and getting rid of the self-serving clowns like McRae and Petrie, but if you really need one more reason, then George Peat said we should keep it in its present format.

George Peat was just exactly the same as McRae and Petrie when he was SFA President, he hated Celtic with a venom seldom seen in so-called professional people, there were a few episodes in his term of office when he showed his true colours even when he just made himself look even more stupid than he already was.

Take the Scottish Cup Final of 2008. Because Rangers 1872 had a backlog of fixtures Peat wanted to help them out by moving the Final to midweek, they were playing Queen of the South in the Final, I could have picked a team out of my local pub to beat Q o t S, but Peat thought moving the SFA’s showpiece event to midweek was acceptable, anything to help his favourite team, I don’t think that would have happened for any other team.

We had a similar problem in 2003 during our run to Seville, nobody at the SFA or the SPL went out of their way to try to help Celtic, and we wouldn’t want that anyway, that is the price of your own success, we are actually suffering the same this season with the amount of fixtures we have played, an example being Kieran Tierney has played more games than any other player in Europe.

During that same season in 2008 the SPL moved the final fixtures back four day to the Thursday night to help Oldco win the league, fortunately we won at Tannadice and Oldco lost at Pittodrie, so Celtic were Champions again, a tribute to the Celtic Legend Tommy Burns who had sadly passed away three days earlier on May 15th.

Peat was in his time Chairman of Airdrie, one of the most anti-Celtic clubs in Scotland, I don’t think he was the reason for that, but he was certainly happy to play his part in it. Airdrie have always had a close association with the team from Govan, latterly it was Jim Ballantyne who was pushing for Oldco to get special privileges, again fortunately that failed too.

I have never liked Peat for obvious reasons, but one thing sticks in my mind. When Scotland played Liechenstein at Hampden close to the 25th Anniversary of the death of Jock Stein, Peat as SFA President was opposed to observing a minutes silence at the match, it was only because of pressure from a certain area that a minute’s applause was agreed.

So there is an opportunity to start again in Scotland. Have an independent judicial review of all the goings-on in Scottish Football. Set up a proper think tank with proper intelligent football people on board. Find a way forward for the benefit of all the clubs in Scotland. We might still need an SFA to compete at International level, but if that is so, then confine the SFA to that role only. Take the opportunity now, it may never come again.

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Re: Peat gives us another reason to dump the SFA !!

Postby Stanshoops » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:22 am

Dear Joe
Couldn't agree more that the whole football administration setup needs a radical overhaul, and I'm sure most right minded fans would agree.

The issue is "how", and I'm not criticising the CSA or Celtic - I would just love to know if there is a credible and practical way for us fans to make any contribution to that process, I would love to hear it. On many of the blogs we hear the same message about the poor administration of the game in Scotland, How poor are the SFA, SPL - Peat, Regan, Doncaster, cheatin Refs, etc etc etc But- what do we the bread and butter supporters do about it - sweet FA... why.. Well I think that lack of any visible or credible leadership or plan for a start is one reason - who is going to actually stand up and rally the supporters of all clubs, who is the person or group who can rally the troops to the cause...? Is there a "cause" that everyone can agree on?

I remember when the call from many was for "boycotts" but these never martialised. Well my only answer to a credible and practical answer is just that, boycotts. Unfortunately until all clubs supporters wise up and hit them all where it appears to matter most - in their pockets - then the clubs and establishment will just continue in the same old same old and we will just need to suck it up....Pity but that is the only conclusion I can come to.

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