Fake Horror, and another letter to Mr Regan.

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Fake Horror, and another letter to Mr Regan.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:54 am

You have to laugh at the faked horror coming from the likes of Jackson, McGowan, and Waddell over the failure to land Michael O’Neill for the Scotland job. These are the same hacks who ignored everything going on over in Govan, while dining on the succulent lamb. Make no mistake about one thing, when it comes to opposing corruption and cheating in Scottish Football, Celtic and our supporters are fighting alone. But we will continue to fight and support our team to the best of our ability, the fight for justice and "Honesty and Integrity” must go on.
Below is a letter sent to Mr Regan this morning.
Dear Mr Regan,
I am writing to you this morning to offer you my support in the attempts of the Scottish Football Media to blame you for the failure to land Michael O’Neill as the new Head Coach of the Scottish International Football Team.
Anyone who knows anything about football knows that the best way to identify and appoint a Head Coach is to pick one candidate and then wait for a few months so that everyone knows who the candidate is, especially when the candidate is actually employed by another International Football team.
Why would anyone consider hiring a former Scottish International Team captain, like say Paul Lambert? A person who had won the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund, and had a very successful spell at Celtic FC. A person with extensive knowledge of football not only at the highest level in Scotland and England, but in Germany as well, obviously O’Neill has a better CV than Lambert, and other candidates like Lennon and Moyes.
For the media to be calling for you to resign your position over that incident is laughable, especially considering your excellent record of decision making as Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish Football Association.
During your tenure at the SFA you have consistently called all the major decisions correctly, I will give you a few examples.
When everyone in football knew the Oldco Rangers were in deep financial trouble, and were heading for administration, or even worse liquidation, you of course knew they would have a saviour in that serious Billionaire Craig Whyte, after all everyone knew that Whyte was a very successful business man who was revered throughout all the major financial institutions worldwide, and you obviously did the right thing by allowing Oldco to do the due diligence in-house.
And when the Wee Tax Case against Oldco became public knowledge, you obviously knew that the best way to solve that particular problem was to grant Oldco a European Licence in the hope that they would qualify for the Champions’ League Group Stages and therefore make enough money to clear the tax liability.
When you were eventually rumbled on that situation you played a blinder by claiming the Tax Case had not “Crystallised”, but of course that claim was blown out the water at the High Court case against Mr Whyte.
That same case exposed another myth. When everyone in Scotland knew Oldco were cheating by using a Tax Evasion scheme, you explained that although the players being paid through the scheme were not properly registered, they were still illegible to play football.
David Murray and others admitted to all those accusations in the High Court. But of course, if Oldco were to compete with Celtic and the rest of Scottish Football, then they should be allowed to be creative in how they attracted top players to Govan.
And when an investigation was eventually organised, then the best way to proceed is with a sympathetic judge, and with limited information provided to that judge. We all know that Oldco were being economic with the truth, and of course I would never dream of thinking that you colluded with those lies.
When Celtic called last year for an independent review into all aspects of Scottish Football, the SPFL agreed with them, but you and the SFA refused to co-operate in such a review, considering that a lot of the information needed to have a full review was in possession of the SFA, then without your co-operation a review was pointless. To that end I suppose the right way to go ahead would be to get the Compliance Officer to investigate the situation, because we all know how quickly that particular operation takes, again mainly dependent on what information is made available, or more probable what information has already been destroyed in anticipation of a review.
All in all Mr Regan I don’t understand why people could be calling for your resignation over the failure to appoint Michael O’Neill. It is abundantly clear that you have served Scottish Football well by looking after the interests of all the teams in Scotland.
Finally you have to be congratulated for organising two friendly internationals in Peru and Mexico during the summer break. We can’t have those spoiled Celtic players having a break before the Champions League qualifiers. You would think that every team in the Premier League benefitted from Celtic qualifying, after all, what would they do with £400,000?
Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

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