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Make you voice be heard.

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:06 pm
by Joe O'Rourke
I did a big long letter to Mr Regan this morning, but my computer shut down before I had a chance to save it. To say I am miffed would be an understatement.

I certainly think we need to keep the pressure on for an independent broad review of Scottish Football. A review that Mr Regan has no control over, this guy has done enough damage without letting him loose again.

All this time to move on patter is beginning to be really boring. Should people not be saying Time for Justice !!! The message must be sent that bullying and intimidation won’t work.

Peter Lawwell and Celtic Football Club and our supporter’s need backing in demanding action. It doesn’t look as if other CEO’s or Chairmen are going to back us, so it will be down to the honest supporters to push for the review.

Rather than waste my time writing to Stewart Regan maybe this week we should concentrate on sending a message to the SFA/SPFL and the Scottish Government. Below you will find two survey’s that can be filled out.

The first questionnaire is regarding the drive to repeal the unnecessary and illiberal Offensive Behaviour at Football Scotland Act. There is a very good chance that the Act will be repealed, but we can’t take anything for granted, so the more people who demand the act is repealed the better chance there is of that happening.

The second survey is one by The Scottish Football Supporters Association, it shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete. It should send a message to those in authority in Scottish Football that the supporters don’t believe they are worthy of their position’s. ... dence.docx ... 017-1.docx ... 017-1.docx