Last chance for Regan and Doncaster. Another letter.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Last chance for Regan and Doncaster. Another letter.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:53 am

A wise man once said to me, “Your only beat when you quit trying” well I’m not of a mind to quit just now. We really need a surge in support from all the honest teams in Scotland for an independent review. There may well be a lot of support out there, I actually believe there is. The problem is the “Silent majority” we need to stand up and shout that we want justice, it’s not good enough to talk amongst your mates in the pub. Get organised.

Mr Regan, Mr Doncaster,
This is probably your last chance for both of you to gain any credibility with the majority of football supporters in Scotland, and I say that because today is the AGM of the SPFL, therefore all the leaders of the professional football clubs in Scotland will be present.

Although the SPFL have not stated categorically that they won’t have a review after the Supreme Court decision in favour of HMRC against Rangers 1872 with regards to tax evasion schemes. I believe the comments attributed to outgoing President Ralph Topping make it clear that they agree with the statement from the SFA.

You can both peddle the myth that you are acting on the advice of a senior QC, but nobody outside of your inner circle is buying that one. The majority of football supporters in Scotland want change, if you don’t give them that then they will have no other option than to force change, that will not be good for your positions.

You can dress up the DOS/EBT schemes any way you want, but you cannot deny that a sporting advantage was gained, and therefore Cheating was taking place. We have all heard the argument about making no difference to the 22 players on the park if one set was paying their dues and the other set were not.

The whole point of the matter is this, could Rangers 1872 have signed the players they did if they had been forced to pay Tax and National Insurance on the player’s contract? The answer to that question is a straight No, as confirmed by David Murray under oath at the High Court, and by Alex Mc Leish in an interview.

There has been plenty of occasions in the past when clubs have forfeited matches because one or more of their players were ineligible for one reason or another. What would happen if for instance it was now discovered that Joe Miller was not properly registered for the Scottish Cup Final of 1989, would you order a replay? Or would Celtic be deemed to have broken the rules and therefore a 3-0 defeat declared?

The supporters of Scottish Football are calling for change, they are demanding change. I will be meeting with representatives of all the other honest teams in Scotland tomorrow morning, we will be looking at ways of forcing that change.

We have been asking for years for transparency, it has been denied, we have been asking for accountability, it has been denied, we have been asking for honesty and integrity, it has been denied. We are no longer asking, we are now Demanding !!!!!!!

I understand that COE’s and Chairmen have clubs to run and books to balance, but if all the basic principles can be bought or denied through bullying, then we can close up shop now and go home and start to watch cricket or rugby, the game in Scotland is finished.

Have you asked for the opinions of the most important people, the supporters? Can any club leader outside of Peter Lawwell state that he or she is acting in line with the wishes of the supporters of their team? I and many others are demanding that our opinions are heard, it’s time for you to deliver and give football back to the supporters.

There was a massive furore within World Football when all the Cheating at FIFA was exposed, well the biggest Cheating Scandal to engulf Scottish Football has recently been confirmed, there will be a massive outcry in Scotland if it is not dealt with justly.

The Eyes of Scottish Football is watching and waiting on your response. An independent judicial review is needed to cleanse Scottish Football. This could well be your last chance to act honourably. If you are not part of the Solution, you are part of the Problem.

Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

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