Independent Review needed Urgently.

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Independent Review needed Urgently.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:39 am

The longer time drags on in the campaign for clarity and justice in Scottish Football, the less chance there is of ever achieving that aim. I’m not sure if that is a deliberate policy by the people in authority, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Last week we had veiled threats from a supposedly Sevco Fan Group. They talked about legal challenges to any threat of “Title Stripping” but worryingly they also talked of other action which they didn’t specify.

I can understand some Chairmen/COE’s of smaller clubs being worried about a reduction in their income from a possible boycott of their matches by Sevco supporters. But “Honesty & Integrity” are not a commodity that can be bought or sold, they should be the very foundation that Scottish Football stands upon.

There is an urgent need for an open clear Independent review of the whole of Scottish Football. Not just about title stripping or European license approval, it should be about all aspects of Scottish Football, and it has to include the thoughts and opinions of the most important stakeholders, the supporters themselves.

I believe the only way of achieving that is for other supporters groups to put pressure on their own clubs to support the statement posted by Celtic Football Club. I have said right from the start this is not about Celtic v Rangers, it’s about every club and their supporters within Scottish Football. Scottish Football needs to be taken back from the hands of those who oppose honesty and integrity, transparency and accountability.

The review has to be in the first instance “Independent” it cannot be controlled by the administrators within the SFA/SPFL. It must be headed by a respected Judge, and he must be afforded all the facts. If that independent review can come to conclusions, and offer direction for the future, then we have a chance of starting with a clean sheet of paper.

The main problem to achieving that is the opposition of the SFA/SPFL. That being the case it will be down to the supporters of all the clubs to demand that the leaders and owners of their clubs call on the powers that be to instigate the review.

Let me speak a wee bit about the clamour in some areas to strip titles from Rangers 1872. I firmly believe if dishonesty is proved to have occurred then action has to be taken to punish any club for that dishonesty.

But let’s look at what UEFA said with regards to the Resolution 12 Bhoy’s. UEFA stated there was no point in taking any action against Rangers 1872 because they had basically died and needed three years back in football to gain access to European Football Competition. So a year or two ban in affect meant nothing, because Rangers couldn’t play in European competition for a minimum of three years.

What if the SPFL League stated categorically that Rangers 1872 died, and that Rangers 2012 are two different entities? Therefore like UEFA there is no point in punishing a team that doesn’t exist any longer, would that be acceptable to the rest of Scottish Football? As in fact Rangers 2012 would be going for Premier League title number 1, not 55 as they claim.

Anyway as I said already that is only one of the issues within Scottish Football that needs to be looked at. If any leader of any other Supporters group wants to join the campaign for an independent review I would be happy to hear from you.

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