Here we go again. Another letter.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Here we go again. Another letter.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:09 pm

Another day and another email to Stewart Regan at the SFA. I believe there is a growing support for a new independent enquiry into the tax evasion policy operated by Oldco Rangers. Other supporters groups are joining the campaign for action, let’s hope for once the powers that be take heed of the most important people, the paying customers.

Mr Regan,
Thank you for your response to my email last week. I was quite surprised to get one at all, but not surprised by the content. I have no desire to get into a tit for tat debate by email.

Let me state very clearly right from the off, this is not a Rangers versus Celtic problem, this is a Rangers versus Scottish Football problem. Almost every club in Scottish Football has been affected by the tax evasion of Rangers, and let’s not forget the teams further afield in Europe.

I believe there is enough support from the other honest teams in Scotland for a new independent enquiry into the use and benefits of DOS/EBT schemes. It’s like many things in life, when new evidence becomes available there should be a rethink on any previous decision that the new evidence would have a definite change of attitude towards.

The new evidence in this case is obviously the Supreme Court decision that the use of such financial policies were illegal, and therefore tax and national insurance should have been paid by the recipients of the payments.

I always ask myself this, if these schemes are a way of doubling your salary, why aren’t MP’s paid that way? Or why doesn’t Len Mc Cluskey ask for all his members to be paid through one of those schemes?

I’m sure the guys coming out of the mines and shipyards would have been delighted if their manager told them they didn’t need to pay any more tax because there was a scheme that could be used to evade doing it.

I also note that Dave King has changed his tune with regards to the decision, but that doesn’t surprise me coming from a man more noted for telling lies than telling the truth, he’s like Richard Nixon, he can lie through both side of his face at the same time, he actually has to nip himself if he ever catches himself telling the truth.

I also note the comments from some organisation. This is just another example of bullying and veiled threats, they have been using those tactics since they came into existence a couple of years ago.

The bottom line is this. Do you believe Rangers used the DOS/EBT schemes to sign players they would not be able to afford if they tried to sign them in the honest traditional manner? I believe that was the opinion of former Rangers and Scotland manager Alex Mc Leish who was directly involved.

You Mr Regan have a duty to represent to the best of your ability the whole of Scottish Football, I honestly don’t believe you have achieved that. I believe there is belief that for whatever reason you have backed and supported Rangers whenever that support was required. I’m 100% certain that the Resolution 12 people will be contacting you again very soon, and this time hopefully jointly with Celtic Football Club.

As I said already, this is about honesty and integrity within Scottish Football. Why don’t you arrange a forum of representatives of all the supporters of the teams who were affected by the use of the tax evasion scheme and ask them directly for their opinion? I understand that the rules should be adhered to, but justice should not only be done, but it should be seen to be done, have you actually asked for anyone’s opinion apart from some nameless QC?

Or why don’t you do an interview on camera to answer all the questions being asked by supporters throughout Scotland, and even further afield?

Scottish Football is in a terrible state at the moment, apart from Celtic and hopefully Aberdeen we will not be represented in European competition this season. The eyes of Europe are on Scottish teams, mostly laughing at us rather than in an envious manner.

It’s not that long ago since the Italian FA relegated Juventus, one of their most famous teams. If the competition you are responsible for is not seen to be honest in the first instance, then supporters will very quickly decide that they want no part of it.

I sincerely hope that you and Neil Doncaster (who I have copied into this email) has the courage and conviction to do what is right for Scottish Football. I sincerely hope it is not left to the ordinary every day honest supporters to take action. I believe on this occasion that’s what will happen if you don’t act.

Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

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