Will it be left once again to the Celtic Supporters to do the fighting?

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Will it be left once again to the Celtic Supporters to do the fighting?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:51 am

I wouldn’t care to even guess what goes through Pedro Caixinha’s head on a daily basis, he probably doesn’t do much thinking, he must just wait on the message coming in from Jabba the Hutt Traynor. But there has to be something seriously wrong with a football coach who lets himself be used as a mouthpiece by Bampots like Jabba and Dodgy Dave King.

His latest jewel was a belter, not only has he banned Green Football Boots (remember the Pepperoni outcry)but he claims they are going to stamp a slogan on the wall which would not have been out of place in Nazi Germany under Hitler.

“we are the people” if my sums are correct, even at a full Ibrox, the people he talks of would make up less than 1% of the population of Scotland, much like the nonsense the real people of Glasgow were subjected to on Saturday by a small minority of Bigots in funny uniforms.
I am sure the demonising of everything Green is aimed at Celtic and our Supporters, and I’m sure the sectarian slogan is meant for us as well, but in reality it’s not, it’s aimed at everyone outside of the little empire that is Sevco.

This is not a new idea, the Oldco experimented with importing Blue Grass for Ibrox many years ago, so it’s not a new thing to have daft ideas. although I never heard of any of them refusing a Green Pound Note, even by way of an EBT.

The question I ask is this, who is going to take up the gauntlet? Is it going to be left once again to the Celtic Supporters to stand up for the rest of the non-cheating football teams and their supporters in Scotland? I am betting the answer is clear, just like the opposition to the illiberal and unnecessary Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, it will be the supporters of Celtic Football Club that will do all the standing up.

You have to ask yourself why Dodgy Dave has been in the news lately, why was he on the pitch last week at Snake Mountain? My guess is this, he is making sure that the fight is seen as one between Sevco and Celtic, not between Sevco and the rest of Scottish Football.

Why would he want that you might ask, well very shortly the decision will come down about the Tax Case with HMRC re the DOS/EBT schemes. If as expected the Court finds in favour of HMRC there will be a demand for the stripping of titles and trophies. Does Dodgy Dave want the whole of Scottish Football making those demands? Or would he want to portray it as a demand being made by Celtic and our supports only?
If that is the case then the call for action will be aimed at the hopelessly incompetent Stewart Regan, there will also be calls to Neil Doncaster to act as well, do you think these two guys want almost the whole of Scottish Football banging on their doors? I very much doubt it.

I don’t normally check what’s happening with other teams and their supporters, I do read every day blogs from people I have the utmost respect for, guys like James Forrest and Paul 67, I don’t always agree with James, but he calls it as he sees it, he doesn’t pander to anyone else, and he certainly doesn’t fear any backlash, he’s had plenty already.

Regan has been silent for years in Scotland, he’s had absolutely nothing to say when big issues have cropped up, so there is no point in me wasting my time writing to him. I believe that Regan is the Theresa May of Scottish Football, his jacket is hanging a shoogly peg, and it might just fall off before the start of the season, I sincerely hope so.

So I’m hoping that someone like James or Paul will reach out to all the other football supporters in Scotland. I’m hoping they will be able to convince these people that there is great need of change in Scottish Football, and that needs to start at the top.

I met with both Regan and Doncaster when they both arrived in Scotland. I had great hopes of a new dawn within the game. We talked at the time for a need for good governance, of the need for transparency and accountability, they both promised action, but sadly nothing has changed.

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