The Victim card again, Is Racism acceptable? Never should be the answer.

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The Victim card again, Is Racism acceptable? Never should be the answer.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri May 05, 2017 12:52 pm

Maybe we should just let Sevco and their bigoted fans make up all the rules with regards to Scottish Football, or should that say make up all the rules period. I was not surprised to read that they are now playing the victim card once again. You would think they would be embarrassed enough getting thrashed off Celtic without bringing more embarrassment on themselves with stupid comments.

That pillar of tolerance and understanding and community spirit that is Club 1872 have surpassed themselves. They are now suggesting that the cretins that support their new team were only acting in a Racist manner because Celtic players were goading them by celebrating scoring goals, even Donald Trump wouldn’t try to pull that one, but watch out Stewart Regan will probably agree with them.

I can see Regan bringing out new rules that ban Celtic from scoring goals, especially against a poor team that’s only been in existence for five years. He might also bring out new rules that bans Celtic from signing black football players, but the cretins would find another reason for abusing our players, I suppose in their tiny minds playing for Celtic is reason enough for them to suffer abuse.

Regan and his cronies have been complicit in Sevco trying to bully the rest of Scottish Football. Some Chairmen and actually scared to speak up because of the previous threat’s to their physical wellbeing. What are Regan and Doncaster doing about the crowd of criminals masquerading as football supporters? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is the clear answer to that question.

A few years ago we saw a complete change in the rules for behaviour of supporters within Scottish Football, and all because of a handbags clash between Lenny and Sally on the touchline at Celtic Park. We had the Scottish Government getting involved in Football by bringing in new legislation in the form of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.

That particular Act is likely to be repealed in the near future, and rightly so. But even if you agreed that something needed to be done about perceived sectarianism, what about BLATANT RACISM? Why have we not heard one word of condemnation from any of the authorities, either football or government?

We are still being treated to sectarian singing every time Sevco play a match which is televised, none of the authorities have bothered their backsides about it. I personally don’t care what they do, the only time I hear them is when I’m in attendance when we play them. But what annoys me is the way their action’s are glossed over by everyone in authority and the media.

We have supporters being arrested and given football banning orders for having pyrotechnics at matches. You know my thoughts on pyro’s, but what about great big guns being fired off on the football pitch, with the stands packed full of Generals and Admirals, along with politicians? One country many cultures, Aye Right !!!!

In have always said I didn’t miss Sevco one bit when they were “LIQUIDATED” but I have to say this, Saturday was one of the best days ever as a Celtic Supporter, to absolutely batter them 5-1 in their own midden was something really special. As for goading them when celebrating our goals, there were that few of them left Mikael Lustig could have went around them all and laughed in their faces.

The future is bright, the future in Green & White.

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