Honest Player let down by a Dishonest Referee.

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Honest Player let down by a Dishonest Referee.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:29 am

Once again an honest Celtic player has been let down by a dishonest referee, the tackle by Halliday on Pat Roberts was nothing short of assault, the tackle on the same player by Beerman was not much better. In my opinion our players are too honest, Pat could have did the rolling about that McKay did later on when tackled by Jozo, but he didn’t, he was up right away, that let Collum off the hook. I don’t want our players feigning injury, but when a Clown and Thug like Halliday is assaulting you, get him off the park ASAP.

There was also a tackle late in the game by Bates on Thomas Rogic, Bates hit Tom above the knee but Willie Collum didn’t think it was a foul, or did he think it was indeed a foul but in a position where Celtic could score from the free kick? So didn’t give it. Sevco could have finished the match with eight or nine players on the pitch, but that will only happen with “Honest Officials” there doesn’t appear to be any in Scotland.

I am totally sick of being cheated by officials in Scotland, they can’t all be totally incompetent, and as I’ve said before, you can’t be that useless naturally. I am still convinced the “Hand of Dallas” is still very prominent in Scottish Football Circles. This Bigoted Cheat still controls the future of young referees in Europe, if you conform to the Dallas dogma you can go right to the very top, if you don’t, you will go nowhere in top flight football.

We have totally destroyed Sevco at every level this season, the Development team beat them 4-0 on Good Friday, the under 17’s beat them last week in the Glasgow Cup Final, and our Youth team takes them on in the Youth Cup Final on Wednesday night at Hampden. And of course if it hadn’t been for the Cheating Bobby Madden we would have recorded our fifth victory in a row yesterday.

Fortunately for us our team turned up yesterday and were by far the better team, it was no contest, if it had been a boxing match it would have been stopped before half-time. The only thing standing in our way is the officials, we will totally dominate Scottish Football for the foreseeable future if we are given a level playing field to play on.

The time to complain about Cheating Officials is when you’re winning. If you only complain when you are defeated it doesn’t carry any weight, only a sense of bad sportsmanship and sour grapes. This week will be another test of the integrity of Scottish Football when Scott Brown’s appeal against his red card is held.

My initial reaction was that it probably was a red card, but the more times I’ve looked at it the more I’m not so sure, especially when you look at some of the other tackles which didn’t receive red cards. You only have to look at Halliday and Beerman yesterday, or the horrendous tackle on Kieron Tierney earlier in the season against Motherwell. The appeal panel has never been kind to us, we all remember Aleksandar Tonev and the famous Balance of Probabilities verdict. As far as I’m aware there has only been two Not Proven verdicts and both went to Sevco players. Based on the historical background of the appeal panel I think we will be missing our Captain for a few games.

But the Treble is now definitely on, and the unbeaten run continues. I’m sure Brendan will have the players purring in anticipation on creating History, our Great Club is steeped in 130 years of Proud Unbroken History. Long may it continue. The Future is Bright … The Future is Green and White.

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