Dishonesty is wrong, no matter whether it's a Referee or a Councillor

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Dishonesty is wrong, no matter whether it's a Referee or a Councillor

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:49 am

I spent a good few hours in Glasgow on Friday, it was as always a pleasure to be around Celtic Park. I started off enjoying a wee spot of lunch in McGregor’s Pie in Blackfriars Street with about forty Italian Celtic Supporters from Barga in Tuscany, it was then over to Celtic park for the press conference, finishing off with a tour of Celtic Park with our Italian Celtic Guests.

The press conference call was a surprise, and maybe that’s why it wasn’t particularly well attended, I have been to loads over the years and this was definitely the quietest one in terms of numbers in attendance. I suppose good news from Celtic and the Scottish Media doesn’t go hand in hand.

As always Peter Lawwell and Brendan Rodgers know how to work these people, although how they do it I’ll never know. It was about two questions in when Peter was asked about Brendan’s transfer budget, I mean how thick can these guys be when they ask the same question at every press conference and get the same answer?

Surprisingly it was about ten in before someone mentioned that dreaded comment, yes your right, “does that mean you’re here for Ten in a Row Brendan”? I had to laugh, and so did Celtic PR Ghirl Rhona McDonald, oh the rage on the faces of the reporters, why did one have to mention Ten in a Row?

One thing is for sure, if we are going to win Ten in a Row, and the treble this season, it will be done without the honest performances from the usual suspects, like Craig Thomson on Saturday, and Kevin Clancy yesterday, Lenny is still suffering from their bigotry and he’s been away from Celtic for three years, but Bobby Madden doesn’t forget easily.

Operation “Stop the Treble” will be in full flow now, and we all know the best way to stop Celtic is not by playing better football with better players, it could be achieved by stopping our players playing football by other means, and by that I mean being totally dishonest in handling the game by the officials, the fix will be in !!!!!

There has been that many examples over the years of us being cheated, that this computer doesn’t have enough memory to list even 1% of the incidents, even the late Great Jock Stein struggled with the Blatant Cheating from the Brethren, as I’ve said before, we have won 101 major trophies, how many would it have been if we had been treated fairly and honestly?

Honesty doesn’t just affect us on the football pitch, Peter Lawwell has spoken about a resistance amongst our elected political representatives to support Celtic’s plans to develop and improve our footprint in the east end of Glasgow, again it doesn’t come as any surprise. I remember attending meetings and demonstration’s with regards to Safe Standing at Celtic Park, it took many years and a lot of money to make it happen, and why was that? Was it because Sevco couldn’t afford to do it? That would be my take on the subject.

A lot of money was spent by Celtic developing the Celtic Way, all our own money I need to stress. On Saturday afternoon the place was buzzing with supporters enjoying the sunshine, but not just sunbathing, once again “The Green Brigade” organised a collection for the Foodbank’s to help out those who are less fortunate than ourselves. A very worthwhile cause that was well supported, would the Scottish Media be happy? No chance, they want to report on anything negative, they want to Demonise the Green Brigade, not venerate them.

We have been coming up against ant-Celtic people all through our long unbroken history, the secret hand of the Mason’s has obstructed Celtic at every opportunity, but they have failed miserably, and they will continue to fail. Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond are not the type of people who “Turn the other cheek” anyone who tries to sabotage our plans for bigoted reasons will find that out to their cost.

The Celtic Support has always been at the front when opposing social injustice, and they have always been at the front when supporting social justice. They will be at the front again when dishonesty of any kind is used against us, there will be no hiding place for those who are found to be guilty.

The Future is Bright … The Future is Green & White …..

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