The list of Cheating Referees keeps growing.

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The list of Cheating Referees keeps growing.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:59 am

I don’t suppose you can blame Sevco for celebrating getting a point at Celtic Park yesterday, everyone had predicted an easy victory for Celtic, but as everyone knows it’s not always about the football players, the officials can have a major impact on the result as well.

We have to admit that yesterday was not one of our better days on the football pitch, our big players had an off day, none more so than Big Moussa and Scotty Sinclair, but we still had enough of the ball and created enough chances to win the game.

Having said that we should have had a penalty late in the game when Hill tackled Griff waist high inside the box, stonewall penalty, not when you have a BLATANT CHEAT and a BIGOT like Bobby Madden as the referee, the list of Cheating officials is getting bigger every week, and they can’t continue doing it without the support of Stuart Regan and John Fleming.

There were a few decisions yesterday that would have confused an Honest Referee, which I think is an endangered species in Scotland. Early on Kenny Miller had a two footed lunge at Stuart Armstrong, lucky for Stuart Miller didn’t make contact. Holt had a scissors assault on Paddy Roberts which almost led to a Sevco goal instead of a red card for Holt.

The major decision was obviously the denial of the late penalty, I would have had every confidence in Moussa scoring, even though he wasn’t having one of his better games, but Bobby Midden denied him the opportunity to do so, I don’t think Bobby would have spent much money at the Lodge last night, his back will be sore this morning with all the pats he would have got.

I was actually surprised that Midden took that attitude yesterday, my initial thoughts were he is a Blue Nose so will do everything in his power to stop Celtic winning, then I thought why would he do that? Celtic will win the league, whether it’s by 40 points or 37 points makes no difference. So I thought Midden will try to put in a performance that would get him the Semi-Final gig when he could make a difference by stopping Celtic winning the Treble. It just show he doesn’t even have the brains to work that out, or he is so bitter that he can’t see the bigger picture.

At the end of the day we are still unbeaten, although yesterday felt like a defeat. I think the comments by Brendan and leigh also let the Midden, Regan, and Fleming know that we are watching events very closely, I don’t think even that motley crew would appoint Midden in the semi-final, but there are no shortage of back-up Bigots.

Let’s hope we can learn from yesterday’s display and make sure we get the job done at the Dump that is Hampden Park in the semi-final, I don’t think Midden will be the official, but as I said there are plenty of others with a historic dislike of all things Celtic, Cheats like Craig Thomson, Steven McLean, John Beaton, and Alan Muir will not think twice about Cheating Celtic.

I have seen retired referee Dermot Gallagher at Celtic Park a few times this season, he wasn’t there yesterday though. I would like Peter Lawwell to invite Dermot to the semi-final, and ask him to oversee the official’s performance, and I would also make it public what we are doing. I thought with the introduction of live television coverage the referees would have to be Honest, but the Masonic Hand must have a very strong Grip on them, if you’ll excuse the pun.

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