Beaton's now top of the League of Cheats.

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Beaton's now top of the League of Cheats.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:12 pm

I have said on here a few times that some of the referees in Scotland cannot perform so badly naturally, so why would they perform so badly? I suppose there are a couple of possible answers to that question.

Let’s take for instance serial offender John Beaton, his display on Saturday has to be about the worst I’ve ever seen, and I only saw the highlights on television. In my humble opinion there are two possible explanation for his woeful display, he’s either a dyed in the blue wool Bigot, or he was bribed, there are no other plausible explanations.

Even accepting that Beaton is just a Bigot with a whistle, he has to have his assistants with him as well, which was evident in the first instance when the goalkeeper handled outside the box which should have resulted in a free kick and the keeper being shown a red card.

The second incident when Garner assaulted Dougie Imrie the linesman was very close to the incident, so even if Beaton claimed he was unsighted then the Linesman certainly had a clear view of the attack, again a straight red card should have been shown to Garner, so I suppose you could call it “COLLECTIVE CHEATING”.

The referees in Scotland being biased towards Sevco and their predecessors Rangers is not a new concept, it’s been going on for as long as I’ve been following Celtic, and that’s over sixty years. There is a very long list of offenders, the older amongst us will remember Tiny Warton and Davie Syme snr, along with Bobbby Davidson and Bobby Tait, and of course Hugh Dallas and Dougie Mc Donald. Now it’s Craig Thomson and John Beaton.

The referee cannot cheat with impunity without the help of his assistants, equally he cannot get away with Blatant Cheating without the help of the SFA. What will happen to Beaton after Saturday’s display? Absolutely nothing is my guess, the two people who could do something Stewart Regan and John Fleming are just as complicit in their unswerving support of Sevco. Regan in particular has been an absolute disaster since he arrived in Scotland.

I was delighted when we drew Sevco in the Scottish Cup Semi-Final, I don’t want them in the final, and especially at the end of a week of celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of winning the European Cup, the very Cup that brought them to the knees and extinction.

I don’t like talking about winning Trebles, but if all things are equal we will win the treble this season, simply because we are by far the best football team in Scotland. If we play to our capabilities no team in Scotland can stop us winning, they will certainly make it hard for us but they can’t stop us.

Having said that, we could have and should have won the treble under Ronny Deila, who stopped us? It says Inverness in the record books, but in actual fact it was six apparently Blind Officials that stopped us, “BLATANT CHEATS” every one of them, and all ably abetted by Stewart Regan and John Fleming.

I’m absolutely certain the Brendan will be well aware of the situation, there are plenty of people still around the club on a daily basis who can tell him horror stories about referees, Bhoy’s like John Clark and Bertie Auld, does any Celtic Supporter think that if all our games in Europe in that wonderful season of 66/67had been handled by Scottish Referees we would have been European Champions? I certainly don’t.

The thing we have in our favour now is that Brendan will always find a way to win. He will certainly recognise that the officials can have a big influence in a match and will warn the players accordingly. So if we have an honest set of officials at the semi-final I’m sure we will win comfortably, the treble is really on. Where are we going to find an honest set of official’s is the problem?

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