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No sleeping on the job, wide awake to what's needed.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:53 pm

I have been fortunate enough to have watched Celtic play against the top European teams in all the major cities in Europe, and indeed in several in North America, so the news yesterday that Celtic have submitted plans to further develop the area surrounding Celtic Park is fantastic.

This is obviously a long term project which will require substantial financial investment, and I would imagine will involve getting other interested investors involved. I would assume that the hotel side would be something that Celtic would want one of the major Hotel Chains to be involved in.

This is not a new concept, it was spoken about before and certainly in the Fergus McCann years. There has already been a big investment in the brilliant Celtic Way which cost several million pounds, and contrary to what was suggested by the Skint Club’s supporters, all paid for by Celtic Football Club.

There are the obvious benefits directly for the Celtic Supporters, like those who travel long distances and stay overnight on match days. There is also the opportunity for visiting fans on Champions League nights to get accommodation right next to the stadium. It would also be of great benefit when the many functions are on in the wonderful Kerrydale Suite.

But the Hotel project won’t just be about Celtic and our supporters, and visiting supporters as well. There are very few if any hotels within a short distance of Celtic Park, you normally have to go into the city centre to get decent accommodation, and try getting a taxi outside Celtic Park.

It will of course serve the local community, but probably more significantly it will serve the very popular Emirates Arena right across the street from Celtic Park. The Arena seems to be getting used by more and more different activities, but is probably best known for hosting lots of events during the Commonwealth Games, and of course the Davis Cup Tennis.

As the press release stated it is early days and a lot of things would need to be put in place, not least of all being the finance of such a major project. But you have to say that we are in a great place just now, the team is going great and the stadium is full of smiling Celtic supporters, so now is definitely the time to push ahead with the ambitious plan.

The feel good factor at Celtic couldn’t get much better, in a couple of months’ time we will hopefully be celebrating winning the Treble. We will also have a week’s long celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of our Great Club’s Greatest Achievement of winning the European Cup, the week culminates with the Scottish Cup Final and the following day the Henrik’s Heroes v Lubo’s Legends charity match.

The only reason we are in the position to do these things is because as a club we are ran the right way. The people who run every department are the best in their particular field, they don’t always get it right, but they do most of the time. It is the same with Dermot Desmond, Peter Lawwell and the Board of Directors, they don’t always sing from the same hymn sheet as some supporters, but no-one can doubt their commitment to do the best for Celtic Football Club.

Running a football club like Celtic is like having a big chain, all the link’s in the chain are of equal importance, if there is one weak link the whole chain is useless. So the way forward for us is for every link to pull together, starting off with the first two links, the Team and the Supporters. The Future is Bright, The Future is Green & White.

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