It's a good job it's Lawwell and not Gilmour.

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It's a good job it's Lawwell and not Gilmour.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:07 pm

I always wonder what negative story the Scottish Media will come up with in regards to Celtic. In recent days it’s all been about stopping Celtic winning the Treble, with such luminaries as Walter Smith, Stuart Mc Call, and Barrie Mc Kay having their say.

Today it was that famous football expert and business star Stewart Gilmour the former St Mirren Chairman. Gilmour claims that Peter Lawwell controls Scottish Football, all I can say to that is Thank God he does, think where we would be if it was clowns like Gilmour who controlled it.

When St Mirren won the League Cup in 2013 under the guidance of Manager Danny Lennon it was as underdogs against Hearts. Everyone who knew anything about football thought that Danny and St Mirren were a good match, he had them punching above their weight, so to win a trophy was fantastic for the Saints and their supporters.

Obviously Gilmour didn’t think so. The next season he let Lennon’s contract run down and replaced him with his assistant Tommy Craig. So how did that work out? Well Lennon’s St Mirren finished eighth in the Scottish Premiership in 2013/14 season when he was allowed to leave. Today St Mirren are bottom of the Scottish Championship, so not exactly a massively successful move. (Incidentally, Tommy Craig lasted 19 games then was sacked)

When St Mirren moved into their new stadium in 2009 it should have gave them the chance to challenge for a European place and for the two cups. The deal saw St Mirren get a brand new custom built stadium, free of debt, and with £2m in the bank, Gilmour put the Kibosh on that thought.

Gilmour won one trophy in his eighteen years in charge of St Mirren, Celtic have won twenty four trophies in the corresponding years, I don’t think we can argue who has been the most successful, Gilmour is history, Lawwell in making history.

Gilmour talked about the influence Peter Lawwell has in Scottish Football, I genuinely believe most Chairmen, probably with the exception of one will be delighted with his influence. But they would be Chairmen who look after the interests of their Club.

When Rangers Died in 2012, does anyone think there would have been any television deal for Scottish Football without the business acumen and influence of Peter Lawwell? This is a Chief Executive Officer who is widely admired and coveted throughout European Football, he walks the corridors of power every day in his job, it’s a job he is very comfortable in.

Let’s be honest here, there is no story here at all. This is just another attempt by the Scottish Media to put a negative spin on what has been up to now a fantastic season for Celtic Football Club and our new Manager.

It will be the same for the rest of the season, but I’m 100% sure of one thing, Peter Lawwell and Brendan Rodgers will not be losing any sleep over the comments of a failed football chairman, or from a couple of washed up managers. They have far too much to look forward to. Onwards and Upwards for The Famous Glasgow Celtic.

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