Come on the Bookie.

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Come on the Bookie.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:58 am

I have a very good friend who is a Bookie, but in normal circumstances I would usually not be on the side of the Bookie, simply because I like to see the wee guy coming out on top against the big guy.

In the case now going through the Court of Session between Coral Bookmakers and some guy called Albert Kinloch, I have a different opinion, Rangers Football Club were LIQUIDATED not RELEGATED as Mr Kinloch is claiming.

There should be more people in the dock during this case, in fact you couldn’t get a dock big enough to hold all the people, unless you use Inchgreen Dry-dock in Inverclyde. All those who refuse to accept the Rangers FC and Sevco FC are two different entities, should be there as well.

The SFA and SPFL should probably be the first two witnesses called by Coral’s legal team, they can clearly explain that Sevco applied to join the SPFL, but that was only after all the clubs in Scotland with the exception of Kilmarnock FC refused to be bullied into parachuting them into the Championship.

The Hacks are squirming in their chairs with Level 5 absolutely revolving in their chairs. There will be a few nervous people at Hampden as well, but all the honest people in football know the true story, Rangers and their supporters let their club DIE, there is no other way to explain the outcome of Liquidation.

The reason for all the ambiguity is because of the team concerned, if Fergus McCann had taken the option of liquidation with Celtic in 1994, would we be the same team? Absolute No Chance. Murray and those in authority in Scottish Football would have been delighted to see Celtic go down the pan, in fact I’m certain they played a part in trying to ensure that we did, but to our eternal credit, Fergus and the Celtic Supporters refused to let that happen to our Great Club.

Now look were we are today because we acted in an honest business manner, all the debts were paid and the club began to flourish again. We could have got back to the top sooner by getting into more debt that could have brought us down again, but that was not the McCann business plan, I didn’t agree with everything Fergus did, but I did agree with that part of his plan.

There has been many occasions in the history of Scottish Football when the club from Govan have received preferential treatment, it’s still happening today. But the facts speak for themselves. Celtic Football Club are the only team to have played in the top division of Scottish Football since our birth. This year marks 130 years of Proud Unbroken History. The Future is Bright, The Future is Green & White.

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