Tanned in Dubai or Leipzig, which would you prefer?

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Tanned in Dubai or Leipzig, which would you prefer?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:50 am

One team from Glasgow got tanned in Leipzig while the real top Scottish professional team, the Champions of Scotland got tanned in sunny Dubai, I can guess which set of players enjoyed the experience the best.

It was an eventual weekend for Sevco and their supporters, ingratiating themselves to their German hosts by singing about German Bombers being shot down, not forgetting the flight attendants who also got to sample their idea of enjoying themselves, if it doesn’t involve abusing someone, then it doesn’t count as enjoyment.

Contrast that to the open training day Celtic hosted in Dubai. After watching the team being put through their paces by Brendan and his staff, the Dubai Hoops and their families mingled openly with the players having pictures taken and getting autographs, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and not a downed plane in sight.

Toiletgate has yet to reach a conclusion as far as Sevco are concerned, although Peter Lawwell seems to be happy with the solution. One person not happy is Keith Jackson, there are actually a lot of people unhappy, but that’s normal for them when they are not trampling over the rest of society.

The bold Jackson claimed that Celtic broke a longstanding agreement that the home team paid for any damages caused by visiting fans. What longstanding agreement would that be then Keith? If my memory serves me well, I believe Moonbeams Murray put an extra £1/£2 on our tickets to cover any broken seats, so we were paying for them anyway, even if there were no breakages, and I can honestly say the only damage I have ever saw was to some seats.

Although the team playing out of Govan are relatively new to Scottish Football, the people who follow them are not. They have a long history of causing damage to Celtic Park. They also have a long history of intimidating the young people who work in the food outlets, and other areas of Celtic Park.

I think there is more to come with this one, I believe it will be one of the first items on the agenda at the Supporters Forum scheduled for February. As I’ve said previously if I never shared a stadium with Sevco and their fans again I’d be very happy.

Anyway back to the football, it will be great to get back to seeing the Mighty Glasgow Celtic again, I’m looking forward to Sunday against Albion Rovers, hopefully we will progress to the next round of the Scottish Cup, I wonder whether it will be Aberdeen or Hearts we are drawn away to.

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