Celtic and Brendan mean business.

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Celtic and Brendan mean business.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:47 am

If Celtic finalise the signing of Ivory Coast midfielder Kouassi Eboue in the next couple of days it will probably be the earliest we have signed a player in a transfer window, and certainly shows that Brendan means business when it comes to improving the squad.

To be perfectly honest we probably don’t need to sign anyone to have a decent chance of a domestic clean sweep, so it shows us that Brendan is already looking to next season and the Champions League qualifiers, which is the gateway to the land of Milk and Honey.

It also shows us that Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell are giving Brendan 100% backing in his pursuit of domestic dominance and a credible challenge in the Champions League, it would be easy to sit back and wait until the summer to look to strengthen the squad, obviously getting players in early suits Brendan better, so the club are backing him.

If we look at our position just now we are miles ahead of the rest, Saturday proved that the other teams can have a wee bit of success if we are not at our best, but once the Boss has worked his magic we are back on top again, Saturday was proof of that, we started poorly for about thirty minutes then dominated the game.

The chances we had on Saturday especially in the second half was frightening, even though Barrie McKay thought they could have given us a doing, that guy needs to stay away from alcohol, or whatever he was on. Celtic absolutely battered Sevco, although they had a couple of chances late on, the game should have been well won by then, and I would agree that McKay looks to be not a bad player, so they’ll probably sell him.

It was not just the Bigot Dome, we came back from 2-0 at Fir Park to win a very good game 4-3, this team just won’t accept defeat, and that is down to Brendan, the players know if they fall below the accepted standard there are other good players waiting to take their place, competition works with players.

The signing of Eboue, and I expect a couple more, also means that players will leave, I expect that Efe and Nadir will be two of them, I would expect that Kris Commoms move to Hibs could be made permanent, I also think there will be a few more if we can agree deals for them and with them. I certainly hope we keep Liam Henderson and Ryan Christie, with the coaching of Brendan these Bhoys can become regulars at Celtic, they have a lot to offer.

I must confess after nine games in December I am ready for a rest never mind the players, it will be great to have three weeks off, but it will be even better when we get back with the players having had the benefit of some sun and relaxation, they should be stronger and even better for the wee break.

I said the other day that I hated going to the dump that is Ibrox, the bile that comes from their supporters is absolutely atrocious, and it’s something I certainly didn’t miss when they DIED. The first Supporters Forum will take place in February, and I will be asking us to consider banning the Sevco supporters from Celtic Park, and to refuse to take tickets for their place.

If they finish in the top six and we have to go there after the split, we certainly won’t be going needing points to win the League, I think it will be well over by then, let them get on with their racist sectarian bile without our supporters, and our money, which they most certainly will need. I know a lot of supporters go to every game, I’m one of them, but I think with all the dirty tricks they pulled last week, we should give them some payback.

Enjoy your break fellow Celtic Supporters, it’s great to get up every morning, look in the mirror and smile, the smile that says, “I’m One of the Celtic Family”.

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