Respect is a two way thing.

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Respect is a two way thing.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:26 pm

I said in my blog on Friday that a trap was being set by those who control Sevco, I was proved 100% correct, incidentally the blog was viewed by over 37,000 people, that was great, hope you continue to visit the site and read the articles.

I am totally convinced that the Sevco Board are hugely influenced by the people who run Club 1872, I believe that is a very dangerous way to manage a so-called top professional football team, but hey it’s their business they can do as they wish.

There was an agreement in place for the Green Brigade to gain entry to the stadium early to set up a Tifo Display, I found out on Friday morning that the agreement was cancelled, and that they would not be allowed in. The Sevco Supporters were allowed in early at Celtic Park to organise a display before we gubbed them 5-1 in September, again we are treated like mugs.

It was the same with the “Minutes Silence” we heard about through the media and through the internet, not through the official Sevco channels, who made the decision then? Was it King, Murray, and Robertson? Or was it Houston and Chugg? I know who my money is on, I’m certain that pillar of Scottish Society John Gilligan would be part of it, he of the “We Are the People” quote, imagine that class act being in a Boardroom.

I know from time to time our own Board of Directors and the supporters are out of sync over some issues, but I would not swap one of our Directors for one of the Sevco ones. Peter Lawwell and John Reid must look over at Govan and think, this is a mismatch. I genuinely believe we have the right people on the Board for the right reasons.

As for the actual Minutes Silence, a couple of idiots brought shame on themselves, but the vast majority of Celtic Supporters respected it. We were asked to show it respect, but respect works both ways, there was very little of that coming from the Sevco stands.

There was a half-wit in the lower tier of the main stand with a Paratrooper Flag, why would you have that type of flag? Well we already know the answer to that one. Then there was the singing from those very respectful Sevco supporters, were they singing about the team? Again a rhetorical question. It was an afternoon of singing about being up to their knees in Fxxxxn Blood, about The Pope and the Catholic Church, and let’s not forget paedophilia.

The afternoon went well for the Celtic Support, our team won and gave us an extra reason to celebrate the New Year. I believe Police Scotland were happy with the behaviour of the supporters with apparently only three arrests, although there could be more in the coming weeks when the video footage is scanned.

I also believe there was no damage done in the toilets, although with the state of them it would be hard to tell. I can honestly say I didn’t see too many supporters who had consumed too much alcohol, but I can confirm when I got back to the club there was plenty of drinking, singing and dancing going on.

It’s been a whirlwind since Brendan came into the club, the football has been great and that leads to a great atmosphere in the stands. We are unbeaten domestically and looking to set new records. The players now have a well-earned three week break, they can recharge their batteries and come back even better, and with a couple of new players we can only get stronger.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Celtic Family a Hoopy New Year. It’s onwards and upwards.

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