The pyro's need to stop now!

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The pyro's need to stop now!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:58 am

Once again instead of talking about the teams display against a top class football team like Manchester City, our friends in the media are talking about UEFA charging Celtic for the behaviour of our supporters.

I had a great trip to Manchester and most of the supporters I saw were well behaved, I obviously saw a couple who were a wee bit inebriated and loud, but nothing too serious. Apparently there were fourteen arrests, one for someone throwing a hamburger at a police horse it was claimed. I would imagine that was a vast improvement on the last time a team from Glasgow visited Manchester for a football match, the re-building work is still in progress.

My problem is with the idiots who continue to use pyrotechnics no matter how many times they have been told not to, or how many times they have cost us money through fines from UEFA. At some stage, and it can’t be far away UEFA will say the fines aren’t having any affect so we need stronger action, like closing our stadium, or at best part of it.

Now I wouldn’t have a problem if the only people that affected were the ones with the pyro’s, but that won’t be the case, lots of our supporters will be affected, it just doesn’t make any sense to continue with that type of action from a very small minority of our supporters. IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!

There is also a charge against us for disturbances in the home section of the Emptyhad, without being flippant that was probably the only way there was going to be any kind of atmosphere in those sections, you have to ask yourself, did the Celtic supporters attack themselves? How can Celtic be charged for City fans attacking Celtic fans, but no action against City? Money talks and all that.

Now we can’t deny that the pyrotechnics were used in the Celtic section, but the incidents in the home section is subjective, but then again did the UEFA match observer have any influence in us being singled out? The guy in question is called Crawford Wilson from County Antrim, a supporter of Linfield FC. I never trust anyone who has a surname as a Christian name.

As for the football itself, it was a great display from Celtic, the difference from the opening qualifier against Red Imps to the games in the group has being startling, if we leave out the away match at Barcelona we have more than held our own, in fact we could have won in Monchengladbach, and could have beaten City both home and away, that’s real progress.

Our European adventure is over for this season, I for one can’t wait for our involvement again next season. I certainly believe we will be much stronger in terms of quality of the squad. The Manager has also installed in the team a belief that we can compete at that level, there is no fear in this team, we were placed in a very strong group, and although we never won a game, we certainly could have qualified with a little bit of luck, but we can look forward with a degree of confidence that we will do better next season.

Onwards and upwards, now for the Treble.

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