Poppy Bully time again.

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Poppy Bully time again.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:49 am

Well it’s arrived, “Poppy Bully” time again, and now that the Scotland & England International football teams have got themselves involved, it has become even more Political because the UK Government has got involved as well, comically Regan claims it isn’t political, so what occupation does Theresa May have? A simple question even for Regan to answer.

If Regan had any real guts and felt so strongly he would instruct the Scottish International Team to have poppies on their jersey’s, but he doesn’t have any guts, he’s a pussycat who is being manipulated by the usual subjects. The self-same subjects who got away with cheating the rest of Scottish Football for decades.

The way football works is that a body of people elected or appointed implement the rules as laid down. The only way you can compete in the competition they preside over is to obey the rules, we Celtic supporters know that better than anyone. That is the way the SFA claim to work, and obviously FIFA & UEFA.

The whole Poppy situation is an absolute joke which throws up the same problems every year. Everyone has the right to pay their respect in a manner which suits them, be it by wearing a poppy or attending a service. Equally everyone has the right to do nothing, it is a simple matter of personal choice.

In a democratic country freedom of choice should be a basic right of all the people living within that country. But we all know that basic human rights are not openly available to all the citizens of the UK, and especially Scotland, you only have to look at the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, which we will hopefully soon be rid of, but then again I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on that.

What gives Regan the right to decide what the supporters of the Scottish National Football Team want with regards to wearing a poppy? I don’t know for sure, but I guess most of those supporters would agree with him, but again that’s assumption, but if that’s what the majority wants then fine with me.

Let’s apply the same logic to other issues. Do the majority of Scottish football supporters agree that the team which once existed called Rangers cheated the rest of Scottish Football? I would suggest the answer to that question is yes.

Do the majority also agree with the Resolution 12 people that the SFA cheated when awarding that same team a licence to play in Europe when they knew that they didn’t meet the criteria to compete? Again the answer would be yes.

And finally, do the majority agree that the majority of official’s who operate in Scottish football every week apply a different set of rules to Sevco that they apply to all the other teams? Ably abetted by the SFA, SPFL, and the Sottish media? And it’s another yes.

Talking about the Scottish media, they have a serious problem on their hands, Celtic continue to remain undefeated domestically, and continue to improve in the Champions League, so how do they write negative stories?
Well they revert to type if you excuse my pun. They roll out former Players of the old Rangers team to tell us how good they really are, and how they are closing the gap. The pathetic thing about the lot of them is this, they don’t talk of Sevco winning anything, they only talk of stopping Celtic winning Ten in a Row, and the Treble.

Knowing the way the SFA and the SPFL operate, I’m sure they will have a plan up their sleeve to stop ten in a row. When we were approaching that in the seventies, they knew it was becoming a reality, so they changed the rules, and we went from the old First & Second Divisions to the then new Premier League, I can see something similar happening again.

Getting back to the England versus Scotland match next Friday night. Why are they playing the match on the Friday? Why not play on the Saturday? I don’t follow the fortunes of either of the teams, but I know that if you play the match on a Friday then even most of the England supporters will lose time off their work, so it doesn’t make sense, but I guess there must be a financial reason for it.

Finally, just how much of the ticket money from the match is going to Poppy Scotland and their English equivalent? I would be very interested to know. I just hope they don't channel it through Sevco.

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