The objective is to win the match.

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The objective is to win the match.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:41 pm

I know our performance last night wasn’t as slick as other games this season, but I agree with Brendan, the object of any cup tie is to win, and it can’t be argued that Celtic won last night to get to the semi-final, where I expect us to be playing Aberdeen or St Johnstone, my preference would be to play Sevco, my second choice would be Morton, but let’s see what the draw brings.

All the talk this morning in the media is about Craig Gordon and his non red card, nothing really about Celtic dominating the match. We had 71% possession, which led to 34 attempts on goal, of which 11 were on target. We had 14 corners, but we still managed to get two yellow cards, the same number as Alloa.

My view of the Craig Gordon incident is that if he had received a red card I wouldn’t have been too surprised, although the rules on clear goal scoring opportunity have changed this season. Does anyone really think that even if Craig had been shown a red card we wouldn’t have won the match?

The media never really changes with regards to reporting on Celtic and Sevco, but every now and then they get burnt. Like when Keith Jackson told us that Craig Whyte’s wealth was off the radar, he was probably right there, because it was off the radar, because he never had any wealth to register.

The same when Joey Barton signed for Sevco, they were happy to promote Joey and his assertion that he would be crowned Player of the Year in Scotland this season. They were also happy to portray his rude comments about Brendan Rodgers as just banter.

Now when the Bold Joey has reverted to type they want to jump on the bandwagon and say they always knew he would come a cropper. They have rolled out ex Rangers players on a daily basis, all condemning Joey, but none of them admitting that they too thought he would be Player of the Year.

Peter Lawwell certainly put them all in their places with his comments about Joey wanting to sign for Celtic instead of Sevco. I remember talking to Peter at the start of last season when a rumour was out that we were interested in signing Barton, no chance he said, and now he is a year older it would make less sense.

We have a few really tough weeks coming up in terms of football, but that’s what we want all the time, to be competing for trophies and on the European stage. I have every confidence that we will have a successful season under Brendan. The future is Bright, the future is Green & White.

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