No crisis here Hack's, we're top of the league.

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No crisis here Hack's, we're top of the league.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:17 am

Two of our last three results gave more pleasure to the Scottish Media that the other one, certainly our hammering at the hands of arguably the best team on the planet was welcome respite for them after we dished out a hammering to their favourite and newest team in the SPFL previously.

And yesterday’s dropping of two points at Inverness put a halt to our perfect start to the League campaign, how we never won that match is amazing, we created and missed enough chances to win ten games, but hey that’s football.

Just a word on Inverness, I have no axe to grind with anyone from the Highland Capital, but the journey up there is horrendous, although the scenery is absolutely stunning. I have always found the local people to be friendly and welcoming, but the facilities at the ground are very poor to say the least, even the local people don’t go to support the team, which doesn’t help them improve financially, or help them improve the facilities.

The Jackson’s, Waddell’s, and Leckie’s of the world are cr@@@ing it in case we go on an unbeaten run that leaves the team from Govan in our slip stream, so any wee snippet of good news for them revolves more around us not winning than those Sevconians actually winning a football match.

It has been said for many years that Celtic in crisis sells far more papers than Rangers in crisis, substitute Rangers for the new team Sevco, the situation is the same. The problem for the hacks is Celtic are far from crisis, we may have lost heavily to Barcelona, but that hardly counts as a crisis.

Indeed we are far from a crisis. We are top of the league three points clear with a game in hand, and we’ve only played five games. If that was to continue throughout the season we would win the league by about thirty points, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself with looking too far ahead.

I said at the start of the season my hopes and aspirations were for a domestic dominance by winning the Treble, which has not changed. I firmly believe that we are very ably equipped to fulfil that task. There is a great feeling amongst the Celtic Support, the changes since last season although small in number have been massive in reality.

The objective has to be long term domestic success while continuing to improve in the Champions League, the only way to play in the Champions League is to win our own league, so that is the target. We also have the financial clout now to improve the playing squad in the next transfer window. January is a great time to add some more quality to the squad, it gives players the chance to hopefully win a couple of trophies, and at the same time get bedded in for the Champions League qualifiers next season.

We have a few tough games coming up in the next few weeks with the visit of Manchester City next midweek, closely followed with by a visit from Borussia Monchengladbach, I would hope to take points from both those games.

The problem is getting the balance right, being competitive in the Champions League while continuing to be dominant domestically, but that’s why Brendan is getting paid the big bucks. I believe when we have a full squad to pick from we will be very hard to beat, although I love Big Moussa he doesn’t have the confidence and experience of Leigh Griffiths, although I don’t think that is far off, with better service than yesterday the big man will score and make plenty of goals.

So let’s look forward to Wednesday night and beyond as this wonderful Celtic journey continues. The smile is back on the faces of the Celtic Supporters, we left Inverness yesterday disappointed, but not despondent. The future looks bright, the future looks Green & White.

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