Sevco playing the Victim card again.

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Sevco playing the Victim card again.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:23 am

It’s an old tactic used by those who have no answer to being comprehensively beaten by the team you told your supporters you would be challenging for the title at the end of your first season in the top flight of Scottish Football, one known well by Jabba the Hutt.

So instead of addressing the team’s failings on the pitch, the so-called supporters play the “Victim Card” quite frankly it is embarrassing, and will make the decent Sevco Supporters cringe.

I agree that hanging the effigies was crass and insensitive, but do I think they were aimed at Kris Boyd who lost his brother to suicide, absolutely not. Does anyone think that the idiots who draped the dolls knew it was “World Suicide Prevention Day” absolutely not, I certainly didn’t know anything about it.

It didn’t take long for the pathetic mob who call themselves the Board at Sevco to pander to their rabid supporters. Would it not be better for them to explain where the £30 million war chest they promised is? Maybe they could get lessons from Peter Lawwell about how to act with dignity and a proper business acumen.

Of course the tactic is to deflect from their own failings, why talk about getting absolutely gubbed on the football field, when you can feign offence because someone unfurled a banner with nasty writing on it that you didn’t like.

It has always been the same with them, even when they let their own club die they blamed all the other nasty supporters in Scotland for not letting them walk all over us. Instead of blaming Moonbeams, Whyte, and Chuckles, they thought it was our fault that they went out of existence.

The people who run their supporters group “Club 1872” have called for a ban on Celtic Supporters going to Ibrox, I would support that call, at least our supporters would not be in danger of the roof falling down on them, and obviously we would reciprocate, which means our toilets at Celtic Park won’t need £100,000 worth of repairs.

This is coming from a group of supporters, who when they supported their old club called Rangers, they caused more damage to European cities than the Luftwaffe did in six years of war, sorry, did I mention a nasty word there “WAR”.

Was it the same people wrecking toilets at Celtic Park who wrecked the City of Manchester? I wonder did they wreck the toilets before we gubbed them, during the gubbing, or after the gubbing. The connection is, on both occasions they got gubbed.

While Club 1872 are on the moral high ground, could they tell us what plans they have to pay back the 276 victims who are owed over £140 million by their old club. I’m sure the Face Painter and Taxi Drivers will be watching with interest.

I would say there is as much chance of Sevco winning the League this year as there is of them paying their debts. I noticed that the Glib and Shameless Liar wasn’t even at the game of Saturday, maybe he was scared of being abused, by the supporters of his own club.

Meanwhile back in the real world the Mighty Glasgow Celtic are preparing for a match against a Fantastic Football Club, with a Fantastic set of Supporters, and a Fantastic Unbroken History.

Barcelona versus Celtic in the UEFA Champions League, now that’s what the real supporters will be watching tonight, unfortunately winning the Petrol Tank Cup and the second tier of football doesn’t get you an invite to the Land of Milk & Honey.

It’s Great being a Celtic Supporter. Hail Hail.

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