The media turn a positive into a negative.

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The media turn a positive into a negative.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:53 am

It is not unusual for the Scottish media to turn a positive into a negative when reporting on Celtic and our supporters. I totally agree that hanging effigies from the stadium was at best ill thought out, and at worst downright offensive, I certainly don’t think it was meant as an insult to Kris Boyd.

Every team in football has supporters who we would rather went somewhere else, thankfully at Celtic it’s a very small minority, but the minority can cause us great harm in terms of publicity, and how our club and supporters are seen throughout the world.

On the field of play on Saturday the team performed exceptionally well for most of the game, it was an absolute pleasure to watch the fast free flowing football, and Big Moussa had a dream match scoring his first professional hat trick.

Moussa made history by being the first player to score a hat trick against Sevco in the top flight of Scottish Football, and it was the perfect football hat trick to boot, excuse the pun. We never had any failures in the team, it was an outstanding display, and the fitness level of the players looks a lot better than last season, although I always believed that you never get tired when your playing well and winning.

We have had a great start to the season, and hopefully the team will get stronger as the players get to know each other better. I love the way Brendan makes tactical and player changes, that’s why the top coaches are so special, they react to what’s happening on the park, and make the changes required to get the result.

Tomorrow night in Barcelona we are not expected to come away with a victory, and that’s understandable when you are playing against probably the best football team in the world. That’s not to say we shouldn’t try to win the match, of course we should, but we have to be realistic as well.

My hope this season is for domestic dominance by winning the treble, I don’t usually like talking about trebles this early in the season, but what we have shown so far leads me to believe it is possible if we get a fair deal from the officials.

Finally getting back to supporters. I said on here a few times I would have preferred to have no supporters of Sevco at Celtic Park, and I would be happy to leave them to get on with their bigot fest at their own place without our supporters. I realise that isn’t going to happen, but we need to do something to stop their mob wrecking Celtic Park every time they visit.

You have to ask yourself how the amount of damage was done to the toilets without either the police or stewards hearing it and doing something to stop it. Or is it a case of don’t get involved in case there is a violent reaction from their thugs?

I suppose we could send them the bill for the damage, but what would the chances be of actually getting paid? I think there is quite a long queue waiting on payment, and we would be at the back.

Good luck to Brendan and the Bhoys tomorrow night, we are playing against a great team and a great club, I’m sure the Barcelona supporters feel the same about Glasgow Celtic and our Supporters.

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