What a change Brendan has made in four months.

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What a change Brendan has made in four months.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:49 am

I suppose four months in football could be termed a long time, I suppose it all depends on the team and the circumstances. It has certainly been a critical time for Celtic and our supporters, we have went from the depths of despair in April, to the heights of ecstasy and excitement in August.

Some players are born to play for a certain football team, like Jinky, Big Bobby Murdoch, Henrik Larsson et al. it also seems that certain managers are destined to manage particular teams as well, like Big Jock, Big Billy (Cesar), Shankly, Busby, and Martin O’Neill, I think Brendan Rodgers comes into that category as well.

Without coming down too hard on Ronny Deila, the transformation in such a short period of time has been significant, and I have to say it has been done with most of the same players in the team, which makes it even more remarkable.

Brendan has installed a confidence in the team, he has installed a work ethic that demands success, he is willing to change the formation or tactics when required, and that is the sign of a guy who is confident in his own ability. To do that with top teams, only the best achieve success in such a short period of time.

Of course it has to be said that we haven’t won anything yet, but getting to the Champions’ League Group Stages is akin to winning a major trophy. We have now guaranteed ourselves in excess of £30 million, invested wisely should mean continued domination of domestic football, and competing every year in the Champions League.

Celtic this season could foreseeably break the £100 million turnover. We have more season ticket holders than Sevco have seats. The corporate side of Celtic park is sold out, and we have at least three big European nights to look forward to, which bring in a lot of money.

These things all happen for a reason, it’s not luck that makes it become reality. Obviously the major factor was bringing in Brendan, which got the supporters excited right away, we knew he was a Big Name in Football Management, and we also knew that he would get the necessary funds to enhance the quality of the football squad.

In terms of the Champions League we have been placed once again in a very strong section, I wonder at times if the English champions get to pick who they play against, Leicester have been drawn in a section with a decent chance of progressing, that has been happening to the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal for years. But having said that, I’m delighted with the group, apart the repetition of playing Barcelona again, but they are a brilliant team, and both sets of fans have the utmost respect for each other, so I’ll take that.

Saturday was very good against the Sheep, I think we dipped a wee bit in the middle of the game, but that would be expected after the long flights during the week. So I’m glad we have a wee break this weekend, well a lot of the players will have. That will let us recharge the batteries to go again against the new club. I am very optimistic about that game without getting carried away, it will be interesting which official get the gig, hopefully Serial Cheat Thomson has talked himself out of it, but there are a few more like him.

Onwards and Upwards, Glasgow’s Green & White.

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