Walker is a Cheat, so is Thomson.

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Walker is a Cheat, so is Thomson.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:23 am

It doesn’t matter whether your talking about a player diving to win a penalty, or your talking about a referee not making honest decisions, Cheating is Cheating in both cases.

We are only two weeks into the season and serial Cheat Craig Thomson is at it again, I was going to say how does this clown get to referee at the highest level in Scotland? But I already know the answer to that question.

Saturday at Dens Park was the venue for Thomson’s latest act of dishonesty. And once again it involved a team who have only been in existence for four years. Just like Joey Barton in the their first game ever in the top flight of Scottish Football against Hamilton Accies, Sevco midfielder Harry Forrester escaped a definite red card against Dundee on Saturday.

Nobody is going to tell me that the Sevco players aren’t aware that the rules for them are different from all the others players in Scottish Football. You can’t tell me that before they leave the dressing room they are not reminded that they will be given a lot of leeway when making tackles.

At the end of the day, Thomson and Head of Refereeing John Fleming are Cheats, and the Scottish Football Authorities know they are Cheats, because they continue to support these Muppets. Regan has been a disaster for Scottish Football, he promised to sort out the problems, he is part of the problem now.

As for Celtic not playing Partick on Saturday, I have some sympathy for Alan Archibald. But let’s be clear about one thing, Celtic were not playing in a friendly match, they were playing Inter Milan in the International Champions Cup.

Celtic joined teams like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Juventus to compete in the competition which is being shown live all over North America. Celtic will probably make more money than Thistle will take in this season.

There is another aspect of the competition which I hadn’t thought up until now, we have a very important game on Wednesday Night, and with Brendan playing what you could call fringe players in Limerick, our first choice players have had a weekend off, obviously aiding our chances of qualifying for the Champions League.
And if the rest of Scottish Football and the media could for once look at the Big Picture, if Celtic qualify every team in the Scottish Top Flight benefits financially, even the team that has only been playing for four seasons.

The other bonus about playing in Europe, we don’t have Scottish Referees officiating in the games.

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