Silly Season in Scottish Football.

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Silly Season in Scottish Football.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:24 am

I often wonder just what a football supporter in another European country thinks of Scottish Football. I’m not sure that football in Scotland is reported on in other countries; unless it’s on the cartoon pages.

Look at the Scottish National Team; another failed qualifying attempt. The island of Ireland managed to get two teams to qualify for the European Championship; both with a smaller population than Scotland; add to that Wales and you see where we are in the football hierarchy.

But it’s the actions of those who are supposed to be in authority who embarrass us the most; the recent Scottish Cup Final debacle has certainly made us a laughing stock once again. Only in Scotland would a Government Minister get involved in a situation; which while a bit unsavoury; no-one was actually injured.[

So what does the Minister propose to punish the bad people? Well he comes up with a belter of an idea; we’ll punish the young kids just starting out on the football ladder; that should really sort out those bad boys who ran on the football pitch at the dump called Hampden.

And right on cue our main man Stewart Regan pipes up with his words of wisdom. He is still peddling the “Strict Liability” sanction; doesn’t he realise that the “Strict Liability” for the Scottish Cup Final falls on the shoulders of the SFA; so he needs to punish themselves. I have a good idea for investing some of our money; why don’t we give Regan a million pounds to disappear so we never see him again; I reckon that would be money well spent.

And you can’t have the “Silly Season” without a comment from John “show us the deeds” Brown. Why does anyone with any semblance of intelligence talk to a guy like Bomber Brown? That was a rhetorical question; we know why; it’s to promote Sevco in their push to sell season tickets.

Bomber reckons we only appointed Brendan Rodgers because Sevco have managed to reach the top tier of Scottish Football for the first time. That will be the same mighty Sevco who never won any of their last six matches; and five of them were against teams from the Championship.

What is really getting to Sevco and the Scottish media is that Celtic have recognised that we have let our standards drop over the last couple of years. So we have now appointed a world renowned Football Manager. We will back that up with a healthy budget to enhance the playing squad and backroom team. And the stadium will once again be a full to the rafters 57,000 seater intimidating arena. With the first 3,000 safe standing section of any top tier stadium in the UK taking it up to 60,000.

The ticket office has had to extend its hours of business to deal with the demand for season tickets. We have a new strip with a new main sponsor Dafabet on the front and for the first time another sponsor Magners on the back. The Bhoys and Ghirls will be going on holiday decked out in the new kit with great expectations of many nights of Champions league Football at our fantastic Celtic Park.

Since the appointment of Brendan Rodgers I have been asked many times if I am happy with the choice of Manager. My answer to that is that I am absolutely delighted with the choice. If Brendan had been offered any of the top jobs in England no-one would have been surprised. It was the right appointment for our club. Brendan plays football the Glasgow Celtic Way; I’m absolutely certain he will bring great joy and success to our wonderful Football Club and the Best Supporters in the World.

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