Why not Joey who? just like Lubo who?

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Why not Joey who? just like Lubo who?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon May 16, 2016 11:05 am

It comes as no surprise the Scottish Media are talking up the chances of Joey Barton signing for Sevco as they play in the top tier of Scottish Football for the first time in their short history.

This is the same media who scoffed at the signing of Lubo Moravcik by Celtic; the quote at the time was “Lubo who?” Well they all had to eat a large portion of humble pie when Lubo stated to weave his magic; if they had bothered to do even a small amount of research they would have been writing different headlines.

As for Joey Barton; I actually like the guy very much. I believe he has more in common with the average Celtic Supporter that he does with the everyday Sevco fan. He comes across as a well-read decent guy with socialist principles; which would make him the polar opposite of a Sevco fan. Joey has done some daft things in his time; but signing for Sevco would be the daftest of them all.

We knew what was coming with the media; they don’t change too much; the agenda is always clear; destabilise Celtic at every opportunity; and promote Sevco at every opportunity.

Unfortunately for Sevco and the media; it’s players on the park that win titles; not hack’s in offices with laptop’s; which is probably just as well for us; because if they had their choice we would win nothing.

It was a fantastic day at Celtic Park yesterday; watching all the young Celtic Supporters in their strips having a great time celebrating is always special. I was delighted for the Manager as well; to sign off with a breath-taking display of attacking football was proof that if the players put in the effort; the results will certainly come.

It was great to see and hear Ronny getting the applause from the supporters; I’m sure he will not be out of a job for long; I just wish it had worked out for him at Paradise. It was also great to see Izzy getting a chance to play in front of our supporters again; he deserves our gratitude; I sincerely hope he gets to a club that shows him as much love as Celtic did.

I think there will be a few more players leaving now that the season has come to an end. We need to revamp the squad for title number six; then seven, eight, nine, and ten at least. We seem to have a good bunch of young players who can be here to complete that task. If we add a couple of marquee signing we should be in good shape for the challenge ahead.

I love going to watch Celtic every week home and away; I’ve being doing it now for over sixty years But you also need a wee break at the end of every season; I’m going to enjoy the break and the opportunity to recharge the batteries; then it will be business as usual as we chalk up title number six.

Next season I’m hopeful that season ticket numbers will increase and we’ll get back to playing to a full Celtic Park again. There is no better atmosphere anywhere in world football than Celtic Park; especially on Champions league nights.

We will also have the Safe Standing Area which should be ready for the game against Leicester City on July 23rd; another first for Celtic; and I’m sure the big teams in England will want to follow our lead and open their own section.

I’m looking forward to the appointment of our new Manager. We need to appoint the best available candidate; hopefully with a connection to our wonderful club that gives him an extra incentive to succeed; although you shouldn’t need that.

I would like to wish Ronny, John Collins and all the players who move away from Celtic all the very best for their futures. I sincerely hope they find themselves at a club which can bring them happiness and success.

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