Win the League first and foremost.

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Win the League first and foremost.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:30 pm

My main concern as a Celtic Supporter at this time is to win the SPL Title; and to do so as quickly as possible; which means tomorrow at Tynecastle; or at worst next week at Celtic Park against Aberdeen.

We then need to focus on getting the best management team available to come in and get prepared for the Champions League qualifiers. I say that because no matter what else is going on around us; the football team has to come first.

I don’t know who will be the next Celtic Manager; but I do know that we cannot go with an apprentice; it has to be someone with experience at the top level; and preferably someone with a Celtic background. There will be more competition next season to win the League; we need to make sure that the winners are Glasgow Celtic.

There has been a lot of division amongst our support lately. Some of it because of team performance; and some of it because of external issues; like Resolution 12 and the SFA; and some of it also it has to be said because of the business model used by the club.

The statement released by MASH yesterday with regards to Dave King being regarded as Fit & Proper by the SFA was mind boggling to say the least; and goes to prove what we already knew; that there was a collusion between the SFA and Sevco.

I know for a fact that Celtic contacted the SFA and UEFA with regards to Resolution 12; I have seen the correspondence. But was that enough? Some supporters are saying more should have been done; and that Celtic should have made a public statement. I tend to agree that a statement should be made; and I believe it will be done in the next week or so.

The benefactors of any division in the Celtic Support are exactly the people who Resolution 12 is all about. We will never change anything while we continue to roll up at the dump of a stadium called Hampden; I will certainly not be going back there.

There are so many people now writing on social media with regards to all things Celtic; quite a few of them are negative all the time. I go to the game every week with the same people I have done so with for many years; I also meet many people at every away game; I respect their opinions; some of people writing don’t go to the game at all but have strong opinions on how Celtic should be ran; they are still entitled to an opinion; I just might not agree with that opinion.

Finally; while I think King should never have been allowed anywhere near a football boardroom; I would rather have him in charge of Sevco than a man with genuine wealth like Mike Ashley.

The future of Celtic Football Club should be determined by Celtic Minded people. We need more than ever to stick together and forge another chapter in our proud unbroken history. This has not been a great season; but we have suffered much worse seasons. Onwards and Upwards.

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