Bitterness started at Sevco.

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Bitterness started at Sevco.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:59 pm

They took their time, but eventually the media have rolled out a couple of old favourites to talk up Sevco’s chances of beating Celtic in the semi-final this Sunday. Graeme Souness and Walter Smith had two completely different careers. Souness was known all over the football world; Smith was an unknown water carrier and was so charismatic he was nicknamed Watty.

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]Souness of course changed the signing policy of the then Rangers FC when he signed Mo Johnston. He proved he wasn’t motivated by religion but by winning trophies; and that was completely at odds with the vast majority of their supporters.[/COLOR:27061762]

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]It would appear going by recent comments from Smith that he was more inclined to prefer the old signing policy; although he was caught up in the Murray business plan; and was now determined to beat Celtic’s “Nine in a Row” achievement; oh how he failed.[/COLOR:27061762]

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]Yesterday for the first time ever i agreed with a comment from Smith “There will be a bitterness at Rangers” he said. There has always been a bitterness at that club. John Greechan of the Daily Mail said Souness changed an “Outdated” signing policy when he signed Johnston; the policy wasn’t “Outdated” it was a “Bigoted Sectarian Signing Policy” and had no place in any decade of a modern society.[/COLOR:27061762]

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]Smith managed a team which at times included Marco Negri, Lorenzo Amoruso; and Jorg Albertz. All three were Roman Catholic. All three were told not to make any religious signs in front of their supporters. I don’t know if that was what Smith actually wanted; or if he just realised how his own supporters would have reacted.[/COLOR:27061762]

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]That mob never needed stirring up before a game against us. But Watty has poured a great deal of petrol on the fire with his comments; if Neil Lennon had made comments like that there would have been a furore in the media; but the Unknighted One can say what he likes with impunity.[/COLOR:27061762]

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]I have every confidence in our team and our supporters for Sunday. We are not driven by a hatred of other teams or cultures. We have played a great deal of semi-finals at Hampden; and even in Europe. For Sevco it’s their first big game and could be a test of their bottle. As i said before; if Craig Thomson performs in an honest manner; and we manage to keep eleven players on the park; we will win comfortably.[/COLOR:27061762]

[COLOR=#333333:27061762]Let our supporters treat Sunday like another Seville. Leave it to them to treat Sunday like another Manchester[/COLOR:27061762]


Re: Bitterness started at Sevco.

Postby Guest » Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:22 pm

100% correct, well said


Re: Bitterness started at Sevco.

Postby Guest » Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:01 pm

Well said Joseph.
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