There sure is a Bitterness at Sevco.

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There sure is a Bitterness at Sevco.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:06 pm

They took their time, but eventually the media have rolled out a couple of old favourites to talk up Sevco’s chances of beating Celtic in the semi-final this Sunday. Graeme Souness and Walter Smith had two completely different careers. Souness was known all over the football world; Smith was an unknown water carrier and was so charismatic he was nicknamed Watty.

Souness of course changed the signing policy of the then Rangers FC when he signed Mo Johnston. He proved he wasn’t motivated by religion but by winning trophies; and that was completely at odds with the vast majority of their supporters.

It would appear going by recent comments from Smith that he was more inclined to prefer the old signing policy; although he was caught up in the Murray business plan; and was now determined to beat Celtic’s “Nine in a Row” achievement; oh how he failed.

Yesterday for the first time ever i agreed with a comment from Smith “There will be a bitterness at Rangers” he said. There has always been a bitterness at that club. John Greechan of the Daily Mail said Souness changed an “Outdated” signing policy when he signed Johnston; the policy wasn’t “Outdated” it was a “Bigoted Sectarian Signing Policy” and had no place in any decade of a modern society.

Smith managed a team which at times included Marco Negri, Lorenzo Amoruso; and Jorg Albertz. All three were Roman Catholic. All three were told not to make any religious signs in front of their supporters. I don’t know if that was what Smith actually wanted; or if he just realised how his own supporters would have reacted.

That mob never needed stirring up before a game against us. But Watty has poured a great deal of petrol on the fire with his comments; if Neil Lennon had made comments like that there would have been a furore in the media; but the Unknighted One can say what he likes with impunity.

I have every confidence in our team and our supporters for Sunday. We are not driven by a hatred of other teams or cultures. We have played a great deal of semi-finals at Hampden; and even in Europe. For Sevco it’s their first big game and could be a test of their bottle. As i said before; if Craig Thomson performs in an honest manner; and we manage to keep eleven players on the park; we will win comfortably.

Let our supporters treat Sunday like another Seville. Leave it to them to treat Sunday like another Manchester.

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