Celtic are refreshed, and the others don't like it one bit.

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Celtic are refreshed, and the others don't like it one bit.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:10 pm

It would appear that Celtic’s drive to the double isn’t exactly what a lot of people in Scotland want; and the identity of some of those people would come as a surprise. You can understand it to a certain extent when other players and managers are playing for their future; but i get angry at some of these people.

Saturday at Motherwell was a case in point. During the game Scott McDonald made more tackles in ninety minutes than he did in his whole career at Celtic. Stephen McManus got himself in a shoving match with a couple of Celtic players; he wasn’t exactly shy in going into tackles either. Kieran Kennedy is all over the media claiming that Colin Kazim Richards should have been sent off for grabbing him; he doesn’t explain that CKR was defending the smallest player on the park, Patrick Roberts from getting shoved around and jostled by those big brave burly Motherwell players.

Even after the game another ex-Celtic Mark McGhee got into the act by refusing to shake hands with Ronny Deila. He should have had the guts to stand by his actions; but instead he tried to claim it was a misunderstanding. He only did that because he was clearly caught on camera blanking Ronny; who had a look of surprise and astonishment on his face.

The media are in a bit of turmoil as well now. A couple of weeks ago we were struggling a bit and they were wetting themselves at the thought of Aberdeen overtaking us for the title. The thought of a struggling Celtic taking on a rampant Sevco in the semi-final was another cause for their delight. But it all seems to have changed now; we are showing a bit of form again; and Aberdeen’s bottle seems to have crashed; and maybe Sevco aren’t as good as they thought they were.

The amount of media coverage given to Sevco reaching the top tier of Scottish Football for the first time was laughable as well. They still claim that Oldco were demoted to the bottom tier. The truth is; they were liquidated and therefore ceased to exist. They had to apply to join the Scottish League; and were indeed lucky to be given a place.

They are still going on about being the same club with the same history. I could maybe except that if they intended at some stage to repay the many people they owed about £140 million to.

That club cheated every other team in Scotland for many years. The powers that be within Scottish Football turned a blind eye to that fact. The media are going mental over David Cameron avoiding paying UK Tax; are the same media going mental over Moonbeams Murray; Alex McLeish; Barry Ferguson; and the rest of the Tax dodgers for doing the same thing?

I am not really looking forward to Sunday; and i know a lot of supporters who go every week who are not going. It has nothing to do with football and our chances of winning. It is all to do with the bile we will be subjected to for about two hours. But i am 100% sure Celtic will be in the final of the Scottish Cup; that’s if Craig Thomson gives us a fair deal for once.

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